Heart of Fire


Grimme adventure on 11/20/2016
Michael was a special guest and played my wizard companion (the android adam warlock)
- After slaying the fast flying titan thing, we recovered and prepared
- We knew we had to slay the “weakest” one, which was the one in the ocean
- The wizard, adam warlock created a dimensional pocket so we could plan for the fight.
- The immortal goblin came and fucked everything up.
- We planned, then went to the creature. Once we were there, we slammed into it for everything we had, and it did nothing. Turns out it was a husk, and the thing had already matured
- We then flew off in search of it, and found it in the distance
- And then a giant scorpion popped up and we had to fight it
- Grimme kinda soloed the monster, but not before Godzilla came and ruined everything by also attacking me
- The wizard also teleported away due to too much injury
- I had to teleport away, and leave mark 13 he is KIA as far as I know
- We recovered, and then made our way to the citadel for a new home base of operations
- The orcs didn’t mind, most ran away
- We came up with the plan that grimme needed better equipment, and training to defeat the beast. It was time for a training montage
- But first, we needed money, and lost of it. Grimme remembered that he had a map that lead to a platinum mine. So we decided to go and and try to find it
- We had some more unfavorable encounters with the immortal goblin Shittyface. He also informed us he was the first and last goblin, and wanted only chaos.
- So, we ran into some volcano giants who lived in the canyon
- They picked a fight, and Grimme smashed them without a thought.
- So, Grimme and the wizard went down the acid filled hole and drained the cave by using extra dimensions that would contain it and then neutralized the acid
- Then we looted a single cave for about 2 weeks, this left us with about 900,000 gold worth of gems, platinum, and other shit
- Next comes training and improving



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