Heart of Fire

all kinds of stuff...

-Grimme started off flying away from the weak, bitchy elves to go to the kingdom of teh dark elves to try to gain allies against teh coming army of Herald. he flew south to their kingdom.
-on teh way, he approached a large mountain with a small path running up the side. Grimme decided to investigate. the path lead to a small alcove with a statue of a beautiful elven woman (naked) and an old dwarven woman keeping the place tidy. she was batshit crazy and weird. the statue was of some elven princess that fell in love with a dark elf. this dark elf turned out to be #2, the assasin that tried to kill Grimme earlier in teh cold mountains. she woudl not be turned into flesh again untill he was teh greatest fighter ever. but Grimme killed him, and she was still a statue. grimme decided to investigate a mysteriously vanishing tower at teh top of teh mountain with tales of a being inside that could grant any wish (at a price)
-the tower appeared and Grimme went inside to some unknown shit. the basement was full of evils banshees in a pitch darkness. Grimme hates banshees, and he fought them but they just kept coming. he ended up finding their source, a black giant gem. he infused with with all of teh positive energy he could muster and banished all of teh creatures in one fell swoop. upstairs were some ice fairies (whatever). then there was a room of stone figures, that sprang to life when Grimme entered and tried to gain access to the final room. they attacked him, thinking he wanted the wish for himself. it was a tough fight, but Grimme killed all except the wizard (whose name was Mr. Wizard). Grimme then ascended the tower, alone. there was a djinn up there. he was an ass, Grimme killed him pretty quick. breaking a curse, the tower could not be material and real, and using the postively infused gem, Grimme coudl teleport to similar towers in teh world.
-down at teh alcove, Grimme saw teh statue come to life. she took teh spear Omen, and wandered off.

-back to the massive amount of people moving north, B-man and crew were escorting them as far north as possible. dragons attacked and kill alot of them. it was bad. B-man had weird dreams of fighting smoe big ass pally-justice-demon thing. he got his ass kicked. alot. was all, “whatevs brosef, i’m killing dragons”. when shit hit the fan, thats when Grimme showed up and wooped alot of dragon ass.
-together again, they made way with the survivors to Easthorn which was in ruins. inside, Grimem found Bitchsplitter was still there but a little crazy (he still had a few dwarves to protect, and they were locked away safe). a new witch had been attacking the town and raising all of teh dead to turn against. the fortified and prepared the town for the attack that night. all teh elves were slaughtered. Grimme killed the with and the crazed Bitchsplitter and the next day took teh dwarf survivors with him to the Citadel. on the way, he came upon the small town from his earlier travels, King’s well, and this massive cloaked figure ROCKED THE SOCKS OFF OF GRIMME and turned Drembador into a flaming beaver!!! but with his dwarven resolve and sheer dumb luck, Grimme managed to pull a W, and collapsed from teh battle.


The tower Wizard’s name was Berethor. Mr. Wizard was a refugee from Tanalorn and was still with Bart’s group at this time.

all kinds of stuff...

She didn’t take Omen, she blessed it transforming it into a lance of pure white energy. She also rewarded Grimme with Bracers of the Avenging Knight.

all kinds of stuff...


all kinds of stuff...

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