Heart of Fire

Darkness, and a darker destination....


Grimme appeared in darkness. Absolute darkness. Everything he looked he saw dark outlines and everything was in black and white. His darkvision was in full effect, as was Barthalamul’s. They took a quick moment to get their surroundings and looked around. Grimme noticed a few things: there were black orbs of all kind of sizes everywhere, his fast healing stopped working, and although he still had his divine connection to Torag he did not have his extra abilities given by the Knowledge of the Ancients or by the planetar blessing.
Grimme and Barthalamul started moving, not with a destination in mind, but just deciding to keep moving for the sake of movement. The black orbs lay everywhere in the path, but both made sure to avoid them, they had no idea what would happen if they touched them. They did notice that something was following them from above, but not engaging. But shortly after noticing the creature, it dropped something down. Small black oozes appeared in front of the pair and began attempting to attack them. Grimme was more than a match for these oozes. B-man kinda just was there, but survived. When Grimme killed the oozes, or destroyed them, he noticed that they started pooling toward one of the orbs that was nearby. Grimme was somewhat confused, but he figured there would a fight, so he just waited.
B-man thought it was a bad idea to stay, and voiced his concern. Grimme didn’t really care, so he waited for the new beast to show up. The trail of defeated oozes pooled into one of the medium sized spheres and became a shoggoth! The menace was quickly put down by Grimme, but not before it caused some mighty damage to B-man. Grimme healed him up as best he could and more things dropped down from the great beast. Grimme dispatched them, but they starting converging on a much bigger black orb. Grimme saw this getting old, and also saw this ending Barthalamul, so they decided it was time to leave.
They continued walking for quite a while. Grimme noticed that there were black lines in the sky, and the more they walked, the more he saw. As they walked in the direction of the lines, Grimme also noticed the black negative energy orbs also grew in number. After many days of walking, B-man was exhausted; even Grimme felt he needed rest. Grimme began searching for a cave or some sort of hovel they could rest in. they saw only barren dark wasteland, but then miraculously there was a cave. B-man thought this very strange, and Grimme thought it was a suitable cave. Grimme and B-man rested in the cave. Outside there, there was some sort of noise. Grimme choose to ignore it for further rest. B-man did as well and kept the guard up.
Upon waking, Grimme heard the noise as well and decided to investigate. Outside were 2 very large spiders and they meant business and attacked Grimme and B-man. Grimme never really felt challenged, but B-man thought it best to use his ethereal jaunt ability and play the defensive. Grimme just went to town on these spiders and killed them, but a sickly retched voice spoke from teh distance, and Grimme knew they had master. He started moving toward the voice, fighting the monster spiders along the way. B-man saw the figure too, and he was riding another rone of the massive spiders, so he made his way over there as well. Grimme was having some trouble killing the spiders now due to a deeper darkness spell, but he kept moving and swinging anyway. B-man treied to kill the thing, but was ejected away as soon as he left the ethereal place.
Grimme ended up getting close to the fiend riding his spider and casting his annoying spells. Grimme took aim and threw Sorrow (with a whole bunch of built up fire energy) and hit him right in his stupid face killing him instantly. With the casting leader dead, the spider left. Grimme and b-man continued.
They traveled for quite a long time, still trying to follow the dreadful lines in the dark sky toward some sort of destination. This lake seemed to go on and on and on. Grimme still knew not what horrors or event awaited him at the end of these lines, but it was the only lead he had, and he knew he had to look into it at least. They finally came upon a black lake, which was odd and Grimme had a horrible feeling about. It turns out they both had flying brooms, so they took those out and started to fly above the lake. Large black tentacles began to form from the lake, and swat at the pair. Seemed like a bad idea to go near it, so they didn’t. Grimme did note that the giant black shape was back in the sky, and enormous winged creatures began to come from it and attack them. Grimme never felt truly threatened by them, but B-man was having a very hard time, and just went ethereal to avoid the situation. He just watched Grimme.
Grimme basically got pissed. He killed the two bat creatures that were flying around him and then saw more of them leaking out of the giant whale shadow creature floating in the sky. He figured it would be better to kill the source of these creatures. He flew up on his broom to the massive creature and as he approached it it opened its massive jaws and swallowed Grimme whole in one easy bite. Grimme immediately saw he was in a massive cavern filled to the brim with terrible monsters and shadow creatures. Seeing only one way out, grimme smited and smack the shadow whale right in the top of its mouth with such vigor and power that its head exploded and blew off. the whale plummeted through the air along with its mouth’s inhabitants. As they landed in the pitch black lake the massive swarm of tentacles enveloped them and dragged the beast and its friends down into it. Being up so high, Grimme now saw that the lake was in fact not that big at all, but the lake seemed to have been following them, as if it was hunting and stalking prey. Grimme hated this place.
Barthalamul had just watched yet another amazing display of Grimme’s. At this point in adventuring together, he wasn’t surprised to see Grimme fly in the mouth of an enormous beast and fell the beast in what appeared to be a few short seconds. He found Grimme and they continued their journey.
After returning to the ground and having a brief rest, the duo saw what appeared to be a city in the distance. They approached the massive walls and neared the gates. Grimme noted it looked a lot like his citadel, but much bigger. Above the peak behind the walls and city was an enormous, moon-sized orb taking up the sky… and it appeared to be slowly moving down. The black lines int eh sky (which there were thousands of now) seemed to converge into the area of the black planet. Grimme knew not where to go, but that looked like a good place to get answers.
Upon approaching the gate entrance, they saw a large figure with armor and shit. He clearly looked out of place, and to be some sort of doorman. He teleported in front of Grimme, told him he couldn’t pass, and began a fight.
Grimme ran up to the dude in the air and pummeled him into dust. It was a bit quick. Grimme was a bit shocked. B-man was not.



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