Heart of Fire

Grimme returns to the Citadel

-Grimme started off by recovering from his fight with the #1 assassin, the one that looked like Death and nearly killed him. he found the wizard and young couple inside a death spell, but unaffected by it due to having his stone axe. Spellbreaker, and using its antimagic field to negate teh spell. they survived
-the rest of the village was looked at by teh party and found to be deserted, destroyed, and the people all dead.
-Grimme and Barthalamul went to digging a large grave, putting all teh bodies in the hole, and Grimme used his flame strike to burn them all and send them to their ancestors
-they all set up camp inside the old mayors house, and went to sleep. B-man however, planned to go back to the weird dream-state where he could fight the golem-like creature. intent to win this time, Grimme provided him with some enchantments that would help him in this fight, and let him fall asleep
-as with before, B-man awoke in the strange realm with the creature before him. B-man got the drop on the fight, and immediately prepared for the fight by using his judgements and greater bane against his target and preparing a shot
-the thing charged him, and the fight quickly turned into a mixture of elemental punches versus point blank shots
-with a final crack from his pistol, b-man shot off its head and it slumped to the ground, but immediately began to regenrate before his eyes. he unloaded his gun into the being again, but it still regenerated and began to move again. unafraid, b-man confronted the creature in front of him. it quickly determined that B-man had help, and flew off. ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap
-Grimme was busy tending to the dwarven couple and the small baby when he heard a large noise outside. he gave teh infant back, took up his axe, and set off outside to see what kinda trouble showed up. it was the thing from B-man’s dream-state. it started talking shit about how Grimme had “interfered” and “would be punished”, whatever. Grimme was gonna chop it up right good.
-Grimme ended up fighting them all, getting beat up a little bit and then winning. they healed back though, but seeing how badass Grimme was and how he was a force of Law, they saw fit to left. Grimme think they ran like cowards
-the main one gifted B-man with a powerful ability that permanently affected him (he gained the Judgement Bound Template)
-the small party set out the next morning to The Citadel and it was really an uneventful trip. it took abotu a week, and they arrived at the Citadel
-Grimme noticed it was dark, worn, and no one greeted him at the gate. Grimme knocked loudly on the massive entrance doors, and finally a lone guardsman came on top of the gate and told him to go away. Grimme immediately lost all patience, and air-walked up to the top of the gate and told the guard what-for, and to send for the top ranking guardsman to meet him and greet him, and that he woudl be waiting
-he send the young couple and their child to a familiar inn, the new wizard companion was sent on his own way as well
-Grimme went about to see who was in command of the Citadel now, and also to figure out what had happened to it. he ran into some very rude guards, and they turned him away. he didnt like that one bit, and he reeeaaalllly wanted to bash some heads in to get in, but he reminded himself he was a just and noble paladin, and not to kill these sad little guards. but a familiar voice found him. it was Heln, the female guard fromteh begining of his quest. she warned him that things were not the same, and to meet her tonight in the old inn where he had his first tussle
-he went down there and she was there, but with armed guards. grimme had a feeling shit was about to go down, and go down it did. turns out Heln was a vampire and she needed Grimme to die. she highly underestimated how powerful he had become though, and he defeated her and the other vampire guards she had brought as well.
-now Grimme was pissed. he was attacked by vampires in his own hometown! vampires in teh Citadel?!?!? he was gonna see undead heads roll for this.
-his next project was to find and destroy the head vampire. so he left the broken down tavern. as he was walking out, a stone hit him annoyingly in teh head. it was the elven-vampire ranger that hunts vampires, Guy Barstowe!!! he offered to help Grimme find the big head-hancho vamp. Grimme, being the noble and lawful good paladin, fuckign refused help from one vamp to kill another vamp. he also swore to guy that he would kill him after killing this big dude, and stormed off to the main castle in the citadel. Guy disappeared
-Grimme headed up to the Citadel now hella-pissed. he got up there and looked for this Magistrate, a political figure that showed up and started gaining control of the Citadel after Grimme left. he ended up going into the mountian to look for him and sure enough found some fucked up shit
-magistrate guy was there. big surprise, he’s a fucking vampire. a powerful one. battle ensues, and Grimme lays the smack down and woops some ass
-after the fight is over, Grimme realises that the ancient vampire crowns are missing from his pack. he sends the Mark 12 off to find them
-Grimme heads back to the citadel to find the Magistrate’s assisntant,Lord Commander Grimhart The Fair basically second command of the Citadel (although he should be leading in times of crisis). he found his Giant secretary barring the way, and he knocked him out to get in there. the old dwarf was sickly in bed, and told him to go away. Grimme refused, and demanded that justice be had. the leader of the Order of Torag told Grimme that if he disobeyed him, he would be expelled from teh Order. Grimme hesitated only a moment before telling the old fool to jog off, and the Grimme would see to the city. the old man then began to turn into a foul beast, large of muscle and power. Grimme had never seen a creature as this before. the old dwarf was obviously cursed, and in need of de-cursing (AXE TO THE FACE STYLE ENGAGED)
-so Grimme maaaaaaay have underestimated this chump. he pummeled Grimme for awhile, and then he pummeled him some more. not to be outdone, Grimme did some damage back. but the beast just seemed to keep coming at him. when Janus Stormbrow showed up to help, Grimme knew that the day was won, and there would be much drinking and laughter about this fight. that was untill the Beast that was Grimhart picked up Stormbrow and ripped his arm from his socket. Fuck.
-so Grimme battled some more, and evetually got grabbed by teh beast. it tore his arm off, and now Grimme could only use his axe and only go for the all out offensive. he airwalked out of reach of the Beast for awhile, but then decided it was better to die fighting this accursed thing then to stay away from it in cautious thinking. he charged with all of his might and power, and hit the Beast with a blow that would have felled a mountain. it was blasted back with such force that it flew throught the stone wall behind it and cascaded down through the air and landed with a statisfactory exploding splat on the stone beneath the tower.
-Grimme was in rough shape. he was beat to fuck, one of his arms was just laying bloody on the ground, and he was only alive because his fast healing was keepign his blood loss to a minimum. as he looked through the massive hole though down to the red smear that had become of the beast, he noticed that it was reforming! he jumped down and began to hack away at the thing, but it still was forming back….. Grimme was lost at a creature that his axe couldn’t kill. he wandered up to the room again and healed up Stormbrow so he wouldnt die. the creature reformed though, and climbed up the side of the tower at a maddening pace reaching Grimme quickly and back to full health.
-Grimme had it with this shit, and knew there was nothign left in his arsenal to defeat this thing. he felt a subtle feeling to use his horn, the Horn of Torag. upon using the artifact, the dark sky opened up heralding massive armed and armored winged angels.the angels then disentigrated the Beast, instantly regrew Grimme’s missing arm, and then took the Horn and left. oh yeah, they also bledded the living fuck out of Torag’s Hammer, and it permanently became a dwarven warhammer.
-Grimme then set out to rebuild and prepare the Citadel for the coming onslaught



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