Heart of Fire

more of Terminus, meetin' Herald, and then.....what is this place.....

-we pick up right after teh battle with the mithral gomlem and the fall of Barthalamul and the appearance of Tth Kamul the black dragon
-Grimme sensed some evil within the building within some crates, and investigated. he found a tall hourglass and tried to destroy it, but cracked his hammer instead
-he investigated another box, and found some tailsmans, some kinda torch thing, about 20 large magical stones(ioun stones), and a massive spike
-Grimme ignored the tailsmans, and gave the torch to Summer and kept the great spike for himself
-he found another crate full of dwarf skulls. saying this made Grimme angry is an huge understatement
-while he was sorting through the crates of stuff, he started hearing wailing noises and sirens. sounded like loud horns to him, but he paid them little heed
-the sirens were very loud now, and then some punk-bitch robots dropped through the roof, bent on destroying the adventurers
-grimme wasn’t having any of this nonsense, and immediately set to the destruction of teh robots spurred by his angry of seeing skulls of his brethren
-a cloud of metallic insects entered the main room and set abotu attacking Summer
-Grimme and Drago took care of all of teh robots that dropped in from teh ceiling and destryoed most of teh cloud of bugs damaging Summer. but Summer was badly wounded and barely survived the encounter
-Grimme managed to escape himself and hide while Drago grabbed Summer and disappeared like a ninja in teh shadows
-Grimme then hid for a couple of hours, and returned to his crappy little room in his crappy little inn
-he immediately found Summer resting, and he checked her vitals and went to sleep himself
-after resting, he awoke and tended to Summer’s wounds, and found several metallic bugs still buried in her skin. as he pulled them out, they began to multiply and divide into greater numbers
-he quickly ran to the kitchen in teh inn and stole a small jar to gather them all in. he did and watched them multiply in teh jar until teh jar was full, but the jar didnt burst, so he carefully pocketed it
-Grimme spent the next couple of days watching over Summer, recovering himself and thinking. once Summer was recovered and up and moving, Grimme told her that she had to go home, and he could not guarantee her safety anymore (he secretly thought of Karia and how he let her die and how he could not live with that happening again).
-before she left, Summer identified all of teh things he found: ioun stones, beacon of true faith, and a maleficus spike
-once Summer was gone, Grimme knew what he must do. He paid up the innkeeper (a solid chunk of gold worth about 1200gp) and wandered into the streets of Terminus fully armed and armored.
-Grimme marched over to a building he scoped out earlier and went to find Herald. some guards laughed at him, because they were punk bitches, and then he went inside for a tour.
-Grimme skipped this crappy tour, and went to find someone who could direct him to Herald. he found aristocrat looking douche, and demanding to be taken to Herald. he said something about it taking a couple of months, but Grimme wasnt having that shit. not today. he punched the guy in teh nuts and demanded to see him today. the fool went unconscious instead.
-Grimme then looked outside across teh bay to the massive fortress isolated in the sea, knowing it was Herald’s (in his gut) and watched small boats leaving and taking port at some docks a couple of miles away. Grimme now had a destination.
-upon reaching the crowded docks, Grimme decided to try to find a ship that would take him to this fortress island. nobody seemed to know how to help him, so he looked for a person that would be able, someone in charge of teh docks. a tall fat man with a book shouting orders would suffice, so Grimme tried to get his attention, after some failed attempts and growing impatient, Grimme decided pain would get the lout’s attention. he made alot of noise, told Grimme nothing important, and called some guards over. Grimme didnt like these guards and their guns, so he put the human between him and teh guns and waited. unexpectedly, they shot teh man and then shot Grimme. these humans were evil indeed.
-he made quick work of them on the docks, but by the time he was done with them, a group of robots were coming down the docks toward him. they surrounded him, and larger robots began to come near. they told him to surrender, but Grimme would have welcomed death over surrendering to evil robots (that sounds weird)
-the robots opened fire with their lasers. Grimme hunkered down behind his sheild and braced himself for the pain. his shield absorbed an enormous amount of punishment, and Grimme’s tattoos protected him from the rest.
-the smoke lceared and Grimme stood unscathed from teh lasers. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!” Grimme challenged to them as they began to close in around him and Grimme prepared himself for one hell of a fight.
-but Grimme was robbed of his fight as the robots all halted mid stride and a small figure flew toward him. it was a skull with metall all over it, and it spoke to Grimme, telling him if he wanted to meet Herald, Grimme must go with the weird floating skull. Grimme, happy to finally have a lead on Herald, gladly accepted and the little skull probed him and they transported to a well-lite room of black stone. Grimme tried to escape, and then catch the skull, but it evaded him and told him teh walls were 5 miles thick. so Grimme patiently waited…. for 12 hours
-at the 12 hour point, the floating skull thing whirled into action, extending its probe again and teleporting Grimme and itself to a somewhat circular room with four colmns, a central portal looking thing, and a whole bunch of dudes with high powered pistols
-fuck, why does this ALWAYS happen to me????
-the welcoming party immediately began shooting Grimme, and he burst into action, killing severeal of them within the first 30 seconds of battle, but taking a beating in the meantime
-he was finally just against 2-3 of them, and he managed to finaggle his way to victory. Grimme time and time again is put in these situations where he comes nearly to death, but emerges. He has no idea how this works, but it does, so he pressed on and went into the portal carrying the mage of the ‘welcoming party’. it did not go well for the body, because the portal cut it in half, and he ended up leaving the body
-the portal took him to a chamber with hallways, which lead to bigger and bigger hallways. all the way he went, he was healing up and noticed that each large antechamber had larege statues of Herald (in the nude) and Grimme disapproved.
-after awhile of these halls, Grimme came upon a massive set of doors with a slight staircase leading up to them, but that was not the object of his focus in this hallway, it was the massive robot that stood in teh way, and had missiles all over him. as soon as Grimme stepped forward, the automation declared to that get to Herald Grimme had to first defeat it. Grimme obliged glady. running toward the beast and getting hit with missiles along the way, he finally reched the metallic monster and methodically began slamming into it with his weapons. it went down after awhile, but not before hitting the holy hell out of Grimme.
-He entered the room (bringing one of the missiles with him) and the room appeared to be some sort of opera theater, complete with above seats and an orchestra. and there on the stage was Herald himself. but it was obvious he wasnt human, he was a good 9-10ft tall, and had an unearthly evil presence about him. he was also casually playing with the object of the entire quest: Torag’s Hammer! dialogue was exchanged, but Grimme knew in his soul that this….creature_…was responsible for horrible things in this world, and the vileness in teh city. it must be destroyed, at all costs. the beast seemed joyful, jolly in fact that Grimme was present, and set an orchestra about playing, showing Grimme its hostage: Summer (barely alive at that, and pinned to a massive board). and the battle began. Grimme used all of his abilities right off the bat, and knew he stood a better chance untill the fiend cast a spell that dispelled all of his helpful enchantments! so Grimme set to his grisly work without them.
-Herald set Drago against Grimme in teh beginning to soften it up. unfortunately for Drago, Grimme was in no mood for tricks and Drago was dispatched of quickly to reach his target (but Grimme felt bad that).
-then the real fight began, trading blows with extreme power and brute skill aginst skill. after both took a substantial beating, Herald jumped back and revealed his TRUE FORM!!!! kinda like Frieza, but more gay if you can believe it.
-Herald was in fact a fiend, and evil outsider from the pits of hell. Grimme knew he must be killed now! the battle resumed, but now Herald had 6 arms, and that was troublesome as it took its toll on Grimme’s body. soon it was all Grimme could do just to stay alive. then Herald turned very invisible, not allowing Grimme to get a good fix on his location.
-Grimme was taking punishment and bad. he was not afraid of death, but he did not want to be so close to completeing his quest and failing. he fought hard in teh last moments, and even tried to have summer help, but she was far too wounded. Grimme was desperatre, and slammed his Malefius Spike into the ground with fantastic results. Herald hated this item, and immediately had fear in his eyes, it appeared that Grimme woudl be victorious! but Herald ripped teh spike from teh ground, ending the spell and plunging Grimme back into the losing field of teh fight. the Herald threw the spike into a bomb, and teh room exploded dealing lethal damage to Grimme. as Grimme lay there slowly dying, Herald left telling someone to take Grimme away. and he faded out of consciousnes…..
-Grimme awoke in a white room, with glass as one wall for observation. he only waited for a bit, for the flosting skull returned along with another figure…..Barthalamul carrying Grimme’s Reaper!!!
-B-man wanted to help Grimme, because after death, his mind opened or some crap. whatever, Grimme was gonna hit him. B-manm dropped teh glass shield, and Grimme pounced on him and took his hammer. B-man didnt resist, and grimme took that as a good sign. armed only with his respectable penis and his massive warhammer, Grimme set out in teh prison
-found dead bodies, some big demon, and released a men little girl (she got owned later by chain demons)
-fought this big creature later with all of Grimmes stuff, and he got all of it back.
-B-man told Grimme that Summer had escaped (with his help) and went to seek out the mad dwarf, and he also informed Grimme where they were:the first level of the hell known as Avernus the Never-ending City



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