Heart of Fire

Preparing the Citadel...

-started off trying to do damage control over teh Citadel
-started a draft to gain an army, clerics mostly in charge of this
-started rebuilding walls
-mr. wizard apparently can make enormous amounts of fucking delicious chili from nothing. this takes care of teh food problem in teh city. although its a bit messy
-weapons and armor are started at teh forgeries
-the treasury is counted up, there is about 300,000gp total
-spent some on wall upgrades
-some on soldiers
-some on weapons and armor
-added more money from my own stash
-sent ranger/tracker off to get the previous accountant for the CItadel, one of the magistrate’s lackies
-got Stormbrow his arm back, gave him one of my weapons
-communed with Torag for information, didnt turn up much except Allistair is still alive
-walked around the city and gave rousing speeches to inspire people
-found a master carpenter to make ballistas and trebuchets for the coming war
-made sure there is no evil inside the mountain, and that there is no plaque or disease in the Citadel
-have heard nothing from teh drow (Mammon said that they all died)
-looked for evil after finding bodies drained of blood (that were in teh city and out, they killed the master carpenter)
-found tent with guy vampire elf hunter dude
-got in a fight, killed them all (except for main guy, Guy {whom i had met earlier and is now a vampire})
-killed high cleric corpse risen
-killed antipaladin douche and a bunch of sleeping vampires
-continued preparing for assault of Herald

-3 red robe master clerics (can cast regenrate, but not true ress.)
-two defender golems that require a life sacrifice to activate
-draft to build army was initiated, and it is going well
-admitted society of skilled gnomes and pissed them off by roughing up one of them up
-sun has been covered by heavy clouds and cover
-outer gates are fine, inner gate is made of pig iron, and will try to convert it to adamantine
-Mr. Wizard is making the 3 gates to the inner city adamantine, and stopped making the chili, but its in good stock
-desperately need high qualit metals to make weapons and armor
-ballistas and trebuchets are not coming along so well since master carpenter is dead
-clerics and healing, and burning of dead bodies, and vampires are chased out of town….
-Gilroy and B-man are heading back but had to fight a dragon first, he has 50 paladins with him, and 5000 soldiers too, 2000 citizens, GHilroys paladins cooked and ate the dragon
-in the city there are 100 clerics
-sent mark 12 on a mission to find vampires and he never came back
-ended with a treasury with 50K gold


Alistair said the battle at Tanalorn was going badly and then contact with him was cut off.

While communing with Torag Grimme learned that Alistair was still alive.

Bart was sent north with Drimnbadorr to a small mountain mine town to find Gilroy Bronzehammer and the paladins still loyal to him. He succeeded but had to defeat one of Herald’s dragon riders on the return journey. He learned that Herald was sending agents into the dwarven lands and that “all roads are blocked”. Gilroy’s forces are growing as they head southward back to the Citadel.

No one knows what happened to the Mk. 12.

Preparing the Citadel...

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