Heart of Fire

Summer, Marshes, and Veridium, Oh My!

-met summoner and her pet dragon
-brought karia’s body with me and wrapped her body in the cape of lost causes, and built her a funeral pyre and burned her body, leaving assblaster
-jumped off cliff and landed badly
-walked through jungle and walked through lightning mushrooms
-came to marsh, had to walk around it
-fought a hag, and bugs swarmed out of her
-made it across the marsh, and came to a village in the trees
-giant evil apes attacked us
-i fell again
-found veridium, a green glowing material that corrupts and kills if you are exposed to it too much
-followed source to a giant river and then a large lake
-was informed the inhabitants lived on teh other side
-went to other side and village was empty, but there was a giant mutated crab
-mmmmmmm, crab legs for dinner
-summer informed me her village was close
-we went to her village, which would normally be located on top of a massive hill/mountain
-instead, a massive face was being carved into the side of teh mountain, and green veins of veridium was showing
-i went forward determined to end this threat to innocents
-battle ensued, and i saw two figured in one of teh eyeholes of the face on teh side of teh mountain
-i pursued the figures, with some pesky guards along teh way
-made it to the hole and went inside, sensing great evil and peril
-came to the end, and a chasm led straight down and straight up
-i informed summer that the evil was below, and jumped down
-i fell straight into lava, and there was only a pit of lava down here
-in quite a pickle, i tried to climb out and failed time and time again
-this was kind of depressing, my quest was coming to an end because of lava. LAVA, not a dragon or demon, but LAVA
-so as im fumbling for an escape, Dragon comes down and calls me an idiot, and causes an explosion in teh lava
-this causes the lava to swell and rise (quick quickly) and bring me all teh way up to teh top of the mountain, where i am hurled out and land with a thud
-badly damaged and burned, i rise to find alot of my gear almost destroyed by teh lava
-there was also people there interrupting my recovery, time to beat some ass
-there atop the mountain/large hill were the 2 figures from teh eye
-the mage-lookin’-fella says he is Tth Amon, and he starts talking smack, the other figure remains silent and disappears at some point threatening me by saying how i am interfering with the community or whatever (/ignore)
-summer comes down and starts talking shit too to Tth Amon (i stand queitly as my armor and my body heals from teh lava)
-and then, out of nowhere, Summer calls the evil wizard Tth Amon guy father!
-well, we end up fightin’
-i smash him right good, and thats pretty much teh fight
-world goes black, see a giant black dragon appear, this is Tth Kamul, the evil-ass dragon dead-ass Tth Amon worships
-so, people are liberated, but they all have severe veridium poisoning, so we make a camp outside of the afflicted area and me and summer see to her peoples health for teh next couple of days
-i also repair my items, the ones that survived that is



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