Heart of Fire

The Defeat of the Titans!!!

4/1/2017 grimme adventure
- at citadel, needing to get better but no way to get better (no books, no trainers)
- only my wizard, who must word his wish spells carefully
o (wanted to retrain armor focus, Heavy; furious focus; and improved second bond for dwarven hatred, dwarven hatred, and dwarven seething)
o for this incantation, I offer these gems as sacrifice for the following wishes
o I wish to rewrite Grimme’s focus on specialized armor training of heavy armor focus to better hone Grimme’s dwarven hatred,
o Grimme’s furious focus during battle for a focus on his dwarven seething for his enemies,
o and limit his divine bonds to only the Hammer of Torag and for better service to his god Torag and how to be a better servant to him
- Dwarven spirit Warriors appear and immediately fight us. They came from some doors that appeared in thin air
- We fight!
- Turns out they were undead evil spirits, and I kicked their ass
- Adam was severely injured, but I brought him back
- Got my feats! Spent the next week making a small anvil necklace for my obedience
- Then spent some time making a badass helm, and failed (spent about 86,000) trying to make it
- While I was trying to make my new helm, some bitch ass undead bitch ass worms came and interrupted me. Apparently, they were killing the orcs outside the citadel and I ignored them completely
- Bunch more showed up, they were kinda annoying by exhausting us, but Grimme beat the shit out of them, they were also eating all of our wealth
- Turns out when they ate it the stuff was cursed, 100,000gp of stuff is cursed
- -lost 40,000gp worth of materials in being interrupting making my helm (fuck)
- 314,000gp left
- Adam Alpha made upgrades to Citadel: filled in holes worms made, fortified the basement area that Grimme use, increased their hardness, magical vault holds good loot, made a Simulacrum (10th level Adam), he made 5 of them (awesome), they started being self-sentient and making more of themselves, so we make some rules for them
- I still am days away from finishing my helmet, but the Start Titan is about 12 hours away
- Adam kinda pissed off the creature, so it killed him with some black death ball (alpha died)
- The clones find the body, and Foxtrot wins, and becomes the 20th level caster (not expected)
- I finished my awesome helmet! And just in time, two titans are outside the citadel, ready to fuck
- So the gravity titan is outside (Agromar) and the Godzilla type thing is also there (Mogaru) and I shouted to get away to the new Adam and I shouted to Drimbador to “get big” and he did. He then got blow away and started fighting Mogaru
- The battle was intense and very destructive
- I annihilated Agromar with Adams help and Mogaru’s help
- Grimme teleported to his head and hit Shitty-face the goblin
- Then Grimme started beating on Mogaru, but he hit back and it kinda hurt
- Time to fuck up Mogaru
- Adam transformed to a metallic dragon
- We fought hard, and long. I managed to drop the Godzilla creature and then it started to snow, like a weird fucking blizzard
- Got transported to a blizzard ridden plane
- Found my coin, and asked mammon where I was. Saw a blue light and started walking toward it
- Found mammon
- In 7th level of hell, apparently to give him a month of service

Need to figure out Adam’s Mythic stuff. He is 3rd tier now
Grimme leveled up to 23



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