Heart of Fire

The Heart of Fire, Dwarves Anew


Grimme goes to underground duegar civilization underneath heart of fire
Begin getting pestered my thieving goblin with a very dangerous stick.
Grimme travels over the land until he reaches the desert and then The Heart of Fire. The lava and dangerous environment is now changed though, and lacking in the lava department. He investigates the temple, and finds no sign of life or recent travel. Mark 13 goes about.
Find large sea of salt/sand and a dwarf on a stone boat
Find large underground city of duegar, evil dwarves that can turn to stone at will
Have a bit of a dispute, but then come to an understanding, just in time for the swarm of flesh –eating cockroaches to show and and almost hurt Grimme. He saw a large figure, and sensed a great evil form it, so he tried to vanguish it. It evaded and the swarm left with it.
Grimme investigated the records and discovered many things about the dwarves leaving the citadel and what happened afterwards. He also saw a new rune, a triangle with an eye atop it.
He had to speak to the ancient one, the old dwarf leading the community, but no one would let him. Grimme kinda forced his way to him, killing some evil dwarves in the process.
He went inside this weird stone dome, and had to confront mirror images of him, but Grimme had enough and the Mark 13 just grabbed him. Grimme tried to convince him that he was in fact the Grimme from the citadel and that Torag was indeed still alive. He wasn’t killed. Then the cockroaches came, but Grimme healed the guy with lay on hands, curing his cataracts, and as the cockroaches ate him alive, he saw Torag.
Big fucking evil ass demon came with the cockroaches, and Grimme killed him something fierce.
The swarm became this weird creature with a big eye, and Grimme recognized his “face” from the strange run in the records. He said he moved the dwarves “forward”, and that their leader was Ruark (which is strange, because Grimme had to kill him way back). The thing then killed all of the duergar with swarm, and Grimme left.
He traveled back out and went to retrace his steps. Mark 13 went into Tamalorn, and didn’t come back out, so Grimme lost his companion. The thieving goblin stole his shield, and that is where Grimme is.
Decided to head to Kelsindra, might find some answers in the rubble.



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