Heart of Fire

WAR!!! Part 1


Started off near the ground, saw the big dragon above, covered in smaller dragon
Flew up to meet Big Momma Dragon, her babies attacked me, grabbed Drumbador and stopped me
Got beat up a good bit, had to gtfo by dropping back down
Landed on the dragon that was grabbing Drumbador, it almost immediately got shot up by B-man and his special forces dwarf paladin squad
Jumped off last second and landed face first in front of B-man on inner city wall
B-man offered help in clearing the way of dragons so I could reach the Big Mamma
We got burned up a little, but then we were off. Grimme charged toward the massive beast on his trusty steed Drumbador, and took some solar breath on the way there
As soon as Grimme was within reach, he smite the dragon and dealth it 5 furious blows that killed it, and it plummeted to the earth landing on the city
Grimme then rode atop Drimbador and cheered long and loud for the defeat of the biggest dragon
Grimme then noticed that the giant colossus was reaching the inner wall, and could not be allowed to enter, else there would be even greater devastation
Grimme hopped into action, charging straight down and drinking his potions to heal up from the previous battle with the dragons
The gargantuan colossus was surrounded in a cloud of noxious smoke, and Grimme lost some of his magic help (due to an antimagic field)
Grimme stood atop the creature and pounded on it some until it hit him with its massive flail (about the size of a house), and it hurt real bad. Really, really, bad
Grimme very unsuccessfully tried to sunder it, and decided it was better just to kill the thing
He pounded on it some more, and then a fireball went off and healed the destructo-golem, Grimme then sent Drimbador off to fight dragons inside the walls
Grimme decided it was time to get big, so he activated the Righteous Might ability of his armor and got big, but as he grew to a larger size on this already unstable “platform”, he lost his balance and began to tumble off. He struck out with the first thing he had in hand: his hammer. The hammer perfectly struck the massive colossus and knocked it over onto some unfortunate riflemen. Grimme was thrown off and into the mist of mean, robots, and golems. He immediately vanquished a mithral golem, and then started to move back toward the massive colossus through the crowd of enemies.
At this time, another similar colossus arrived and began shooting the wall
Grimme was slowly getting outmatched, and put another mithral golem down after taking a nice hit from it.
As Grimme worked his way back to the original construct, 2 massive golems can up from behind in the form of massive dwarves, meaning that 2 souls had sacrified themselves so that the giant golems had the life to move
They ganged up on the newer contrucst and took care of it pretty quickly, then on to the next one, and then took care of all the soldiers around the area, kinda guarding the part of the wall that had fallen
Grimme knew that the massive machines were being summoned by the wizards of earlier, so he got on top of Drimador and flew out to the outerwall after seeing one heal the massive robiots via fireball
He got out there, and killed one quickly, then moved on to another one while Drimbador distracted another. Grimme ended up killing 4, and saw an enormous army coming into the Citadel walls with another massive golem. 2 dwarves (one was Barek son of Barek) came and told him that things were bad, and that Alistair had the dwarven battery tobecause the enemy was inside the castle, and was going through it. The south gate was falling, and shit was rough
He spun his hammer in his hand, and thought of the next idea



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