Heart of Fire

WAR!!! Part 2

Survival? and what is next?

· Grimme saw the massive form coming closer to the Citadel, it looked like a castle that could walk

· Grimme knew that the main threat was the wiuzards creating these colossi, so he set out to find some and kill them

· He traveledf down to the south gate where he thought he would find more wizards, and instead found a shit ton of robots and soldiers fighting dwarves. He fought with his dwarven brethren and turned back the tide and told the warriors to return to the inner citadel and defend

· Grimme then flew up and saw the castle-colossus was close, so he decided to attack it

· This was not such a great idea. Inside were more evil wizrds, and they were completely protected. The massive construct knocked Grimme around, and some wizards fuck-turd blast Drimbador with a disentagration ray. Grimme fought on alone and tried to escape for a bit, but ended up just attacking the foot that was pummeling him. He broke through the foots wall, and then entered the thing

· He climbed up, and inseide was all fucked. He found a wizard, crushed him to paste. Fought an ice devil, smashed him good too. The he was inside eth things head, and he climbed a rope up to the top, and found the other wizard. That was a short fight, cause he depended on being invisible, and Grimme killed him. Lots of loot.

· The giant construct reformed into a castle, and just sat there. Seeing the threat being over, Grimme decided to go back into the fight and keep killing the enemy.

· A lot of the enemy had retreated to face a new threat:orcs.

· Grimme went to the central inner gate, and found Herald making his two quantium golems fight each other. Grimme communicated with allistair and then waited a bit, but decided to fight him anyway.

· Allistair brought B-man, and they all fought Herald

o H This was a big battle

o Grimme tried to get his attention, and Herald sent the giant constructs into the city to destroy

o Allistiar showed up and started doing elemental damage to the prismatic force field surrounding Herald to deactivate it

o B-man went into the ethereal plane and waited for the signal

o Allistair’s plan worked, and B-man came out and dispelled the sphere

o Grimme charged and beat the shit out of Herald, cursing him with heach hit

o Herald morphed into a big bad devil thing with a great big black axe, and disappeared in a bad black could of death magic, he also summoned a balor

o The balor and Grimme fought, and the balor’s badass sword broke over Grimme, then Grimme just beat it senseless to a smouldering puddle cause Grimme is a bad motha fucka’

o Herald was invisible and smacking Grimme with little effect, and then B-man purged the invisibility and Grimme whomped on him with smite and badassery, it didn’t take long for Herald (even in his new form) to go down

o As Hearld “died” a powerful black tornado formed and swept them all outside of the city

· Outside the city, B-man wondered if they had won, Grimme wasn’t sure

· From above them, the undead big momma solar dragon came down and was totally going to try to kill them, but it got sucked up by the biggest black dragon that Grimme had ever seen, and Summer was riding atop it

· The black tornado condensed and form a humanoid being of epic proportions, chopped the citadel in two, and he promptly fucked off through the clouds

· Grimme was kind to Summer, and asked the massive dragon how to kill Herald, and it replied “only a god can kill a god”, and then it fucking flew off with all the other dragons like a giant asshole

· Grimme was left with the remains of his city, the Citadel, in ruins

· Thousands were dead, and many were wounded. Grimme set about finding the leaders and trying to see to how to manage the destruction that remained. Grimme went and found Gilroy, who was mortally wounded, but Grimme healed him up good. Gilroy then went about helping as well.

· Grimme had a soldier approach, Barek son of Barek. He was heavily wounded and was missing an eye, but he reported that many thousands of dwarves were dead, but all of the humans were dead. When Grimme asked abotu Stormbrow, he was told that it was in fact Stormbrow that sacrificed himself for the life of the golem that came and defended the city. Grimme noted his bravery and noble sacrifice. Barek also reported that the orcs were looting, and Grimme decided to put a stop to that.

· Grimme found the leader of the orcs, Ugthar, and told him to only loot the human bodies and leave the city (in a nice way). Ugthar took the humans to eat and the orcs camped outside of the city.

· Grimme then was approached by Mr. Wizard, and he told Grimme he could help out and something, and started to cast a spell on Grimme, and Grimme and B-man just waited patiently. But as the spell was cast, Grimme saw Mr. Wizard’s face change, and he knew the face! Mammon stood before him, and finished his spell while calling Grimme stupid.

· Son of a bitch

Grimme gained a mythic tier for the defense of the Citadel, and B-man gained a mythic tier for shear survival.

Grimme also gained a level, is now in the prestige class Hammer of Torag



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