+4 Living Steel Full Plate of Righteousness


AC +13
Max Dex +1
Armor Check -5

Living Steel

Armor and shields made from living steel can damage metal weapons that strike them. Whenever the wielder of a metal weapon rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll against a creature wearing living steel armor or wielding a living steel shield, the item must make a DC 20 Fortitude save or gain the broken condition. If the weapon already has the broken condition, it is instead destroyed. Living steel cannot damage adamantine weapons in this way.

An item made from living steel repairs damage to itself at a rate of 2 hit points per day, or 1 hit point per day if it has the broken condition.


Armor with this special ability is often engraved or enameled with religious symbols. Once per day on command, the wearer can invoke an effect, as per the spell righteous might, lasting for 10 rounds. Righteous armor is always aligned toward good (positive energy), for the effects of righteous might. Righteous armor bestows one permanent negative level on any evil creature attempting to wear it. The negative level remains as long as the armor is worn and disappears when it is removed. This negative level cannot be overcome in any way (including by restoration spells) while the armor is worn.

Righteous Might

Your height immediately doubles, and your weight increases by a factor of eight. This increase changes your size category to the next larger one. You gain a +4 size bonus to Strength and Constitution and take a -2 penalty to your Dexterity. You gain a +2 enhancement bonus to your natural armor. You gain DR 5/evil (if you normally channel positive energy). At 15th level, this Damage Reduction becomes 10/evil (the maximum). Your size modifier for AC and attacks changes as appropriate to your new size category (see Table: Size Modifiers). This spell doesn’t change your speed. Determine space and reach as appropriate to your new size.

If insufficient room is available for the desired growth, you attain the maximum possible size and may make a Strength check (using your increased Strength) to burst any enclosures in the process (see Smashing an Object). If you fail, you are constrained without harm by the materials enclosing you—the spell cannot crush you by increasing your size.

All equipment you wear or carry is similarly enlarged by the spell. Melee weapons deal more damage (see Table: Tiny and Large Weapon Damage). Other magical properties are not affected by this spell. Any enlarged item that leaves your possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown and projectile weapons deal their normal damage. Magical effects that increase size do not stack.


This armor was created by the ancient Dwarves of Kelsindra at the Astral Forge. It was gifted to the Orc Prince who came to Kelsindra’s aid in the great war.

It survived the curse of the Undone Lands and the fall of Orc civilization. The strongest Orcs of the Blue clan have claimed it in the ages since.


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