Legendary Hammer of Torag

The Blood Stain Never Washes Off

weapon (melee)

+5 Transformative Flamestriking Devil Bane Adamantine Dwarven Warhammer

When equipped by a Paladin of Torag this weapon glows with the flame of Torag’s Forge. Though the light is the strength and hue of banked coals it effects creatures within a 10 foot radius as if in sunlight.


As a full-round action, the wielder can expend one use of mythic power to call divine wrath down on foes he hits.

For 3 rounds a flamestrike (CL 15) is called down on the first opponent hit by the hammer each round. If the wielder confirms a critical hit on an attack that calls down a flamestrike, the flamestrike also deals double damage and its area of effect is doubled (40ft). Upon a successful critical flamestrike all evil creatures within a 120ft radius must make a will save (DC 25) or be afflicted as though struck by a Fear spell for 1 round. The hammer’s bonded creature is never harmed by this attack.

Devil Bane

A bane weapon excels against certain foes. Against a designated foe, the weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against such foes.

Legendary Power Pool


(Mythic Power can always be used in place of Legendary Power)

Legendary Surge

The legendary surge ability allows the bearer to add the result of a d6 to the appropriate type of roll or check (Attack rolls and combat maneuver checks made while using the weapon). A mythic bearer can use her surge die type in place of the d6. If she’s bonded to the item, she can increase that die type by one step. (Tier 1 = 1d8, Tier 4 = 1d10, Tier 7 = 1d12, Tier 10 = 2d8)

Legendary Abilities

Tier 1

Dedicated Bond: An item with this ability
can’t be used by anyone not bonded with it. Such
creatures can’t use the item’s non-mythic special
abilities, its legendary power, or its legendary
surge. Furthermore, using a special ritual that
takes 10 minutes to perform, the bonded creature
can sequester the item in a solid object at least twice as
large as the item (such as putting a sword in a stone or
an oak tree). The item becomes impossible to remove
by any creature not bonded to it unless by means of a
wish or miracle cast by a mythic creature of higher tier
than the bonded creature. If the bonded creature is at
least 8th tier, she can instead perform this sequestering
ritual and transfer the bond to another mythic creature
she designates upon completing the ritual.

Tier 2

Powerful: An item with this ability has two additional
uses of legendary power per day. This ability can be taken
up to three times.

Tier 3

Returning: The creature bonded to this item can expend
one use of mythic power to teleport the item to her
waiting hand, as if using teleport object.

Tier 4

Unstoppable Strike: This weapon bypasses all armor. The wielder can
expend one use of legendary power when attacking to
make the attack against touch AC. If she instead expends
two uses of legendary power, the weapon also bypasses
any deflection bonus to AC the target has.

Tier 5

Perfect Surge: This item’s legendary surge can apply
to any d20 roll. The surge adds a further +2 bonus when
applied to weapon attack rolls or combat manuever rolls

Tier 6
Foe-Biting: When this item deals damage, its user

can use mythic power to double the total amount
of damage it deals. If the attack is a normal attack,
the bearer can expend one use of legendary power to
double the total amount of damage. If the attack is a
confirmed critical hit, the bearer must instead expend
two uses of legendary power to double the total damage.
Damage from weapon special abilities (such as f laming)
and precision-based damage are also doubled.

Tier 7
Upgradable: This ability grants the bonded creature
the ability to more easily increase the non-mythic magical
power of the legendary item. If the base magic item has a
version with a higher bonus or greater version (such as a
+1 longsword, a +2 light steel shield, a cloak of protection +3, an
amulet of might fists +4, or a minor ring of inner fortitude), the
bonded creature can improve it by performing a special
ritual. She must spend a number of gold pieces equal
to half the difference between the cost of the legendary
item’s current, non-mythic base item and the greater
version she wishes to upgrade the item into. For example,
she would pay 3,000 gp to upgrade a +1 longsword into a
+2 longsword.
This ritual takes 8 hours. When it’s completed, the
bonded creature transmutes the item’s base version into
the desired version. When upgraded in this fashion, the
legendary item retains all legendary item abilities it had
before the transmutation.

Legendary Hammer of Torag

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