A thief of joy.


+4 Heavy Obsidian Shield (6 AC Total)


An impervious weapon is warded from damage and decay. A metallic weapon cannot rust and a wooden weapon cannot rot or warp, even by magical or supernatural means.

Spell Stealing

When targeted by a spell the wielder may make a caster level check to attempt to absorb the effects of the spell, using the wielder’s caster level plus the shield’s enhancement bonus (4), against a DC of 10 + the caster level of the effect.

The abjuration steals only spells that have you as a target. Effect and area spells are not affected. Spell steal also fails to stop touch range spells.

If successful the spell is harmlessly absorbed and transferred to the weapon Sorrow. Sorrow’s stored spell slot must be empty for this effect to occur.

Energy Absorbing

When used in a Total Defense action, the shield activates the following qualities:

Energy Absorbtion 25/-

The first 25 points of all energy damage is harmlessly absorbed and transferred to the weapon Sorrow (maximum 100 pts). This energy must be released the next time the weapon makes contact with an enemy.


The shield’s surface is an inky black void that absorbs light. When held at a certain angle a carving of a woman beset on all sides by danger can be discerned.

The shield weighs twice as much as a normal heavy steel shield.


Heart of Fire Ouranou