Mythical Dwarven Waraxe

weapon (melee)

Crit: x3
Type: s/b

Stone +3 Dwarven Waraxe. This axe acts as a bane weapon
against any creature with the ability to cast spells or use spelllike
abilities. As a standard action, the wielder can strike the
head against the ground while expending one use
of mythic power to produce an antimagic field centered on the
axe. This effect has a duration of 2 hours. Anyone striking the
axe against the ground a second time dismisses the effect.
The antimagic field remains in effect if the axe is dropped or
disarmed. The axe retains its enhancement bonus and extra
damage against spellcasters inside any antimagic field.

Description: Due to its size, a dwarven waraxe is an exotic weapon. A Medium character can use a dwarven waraxe two-handed as a martial weapon, or a Large creature can use it one-handed in the same way.

Racial Affinity: A dwarf treats a dwarven waraxe as a martial weapon even when using it in one hand.



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