Torag's Hammer

Sacred Artifact of The Order

weapon (melee)

Awakened Hammer of Torag

+5 Adamantine Great Sword

The Hammer of Torag has the following properties:

Master Of Forges:
Flame Burst
Icy Burst
Shocking Burst
Corrosive Burst
Ghost touch

Protection Through Strength
When the wielder is injured by a creature the sword adopts the magical enchantment of Bane aligned with that creature’s type. This enchantment lasts until it is replaced by another Bane.

Unstoppable Force
The wielder of this blade may use Improved Cleaving Finish and Cleave-Through, even if she does not qualify for these feats.

Break the Game
When attacking as a full round action the wielder can choose to extend the sword’s melee attack to a single area attack covering a 60 foot cone in front of herself.


Alternatively the wielder can choose to make one 120 foot line attack.


Judgment of Torag
When a creature touches the sword or is struck with the blade but not killed that creature is shown the effect of its life so far and what it might expect when it passes under Pharasma’s impartial gaze at the end of its life. Depending on the creature’s alignment and its adherence to its ethos, you can provide it a brief glimpse of the reward or punishment that waits for it when it dies by showing it a mental image of its destined plane in the Great Beyond. If your target is good-aligned, it must save or be fascinated for 1d4 rounds. If your target is neutral-aligned, it must save or be confused for 1d4 rounds. If your target is evil-aligned, it must save or be shaken for 1d4 rounds. Will save, DC 25. This effect only occurs the first time the sword touches a creature.

On a critical hit the sword inflicts its elemental burst bonus damage (5d10) to all creatures within a 30 foot radius of the sword’s target. This damage cannot be avoided or reduced by any means possessed by mortals. The wielder of the sword is never subject to this damage.


The sword may aid the wielder in channeling divine power to perform one GREAT MIRACLE. After this Miracle has been granted the sword will revert to a normal un-enchanted greatsword for untold centuries. This Miracle requires a tremendous sacrifice to accomplish.

As a free action, the sword’s wielder is magically cloaked in badass holy armor that replaces her current armor. This armor only lasts as long as the sword is actively held and vanishes once the sword is sheathed or dropped.

Archangel by el sharko d4bq2cx

+5 Full Plate
AC +14
Max Dex +5
Armor Penalty 0

- DR 20/-
- Heavy Fortification
- The wearer does not need to breathe or eat.
- The wearer is immune to electricity and poison.
- The wearer gains resistance to acid 20, cold 20 and fire 20.
- Spell resistance 25
- Blink

Two Handed Greatsword: 3d6+5 / +1d6 Fire / +1d6 Ice / +1d6 Shock / +1d6 Acid / +2d6 Bane
Total: (9d6+5)
Critical: x2 [17-20] / + 1d10 Fire Burst / + 1d10 Ice Burst / + 1d10 Shock Burst / + 1d10 Acid / + 1d10 Sonic Burst (5d10 Total Explosion, 30ft)

Mr torgue


Despite being called a hammer, it is a sword.

Torag sword

Torag's Hammer

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