Heart of Fire

adventure 5

-wake up to big ass white tower
-found a hidden door, and felt static energy when we went inside
-find blue stone, looks like marble
-found a room for of smithing tools and chest, oh wait, one of the chest fuggin’ attacked me!!!
-went across the hall into an awesome armory, but dwarves, who were alive, came and attacked us whenever we tried to identify weapons. remember the weapons and loot
-figured out to walk on walls in teh main tower
-walked for a long time, and fought a gravity elemental and time elemental (fuckers, almost died)
-finally got to a small hole, and saw the sword of torag and ppl argusing over it
-tried talking to some chump, now ancient knowledge is “closer”
-continue up the tower by walking on walls for another week or so
-next platform got some shit chumps on it. fuckin’ battle happening. naturally, i joined in cause the old guy had an amulet that looked like mine
-he opened up a portal to the heart of fire, a torag temple in teh south lost int eh war of man, adn went away
-on the next platform, i see the ruins of the city, and lots of armies fighting
-saw dwarf give orc nice magic armor, and faded out
-continued, and fought some pussy ghosts, we think we are back in present time, and felt a presence

adventure 4

-orrin is controlled!!! i had to defeat him…
-fought the witch, got beat up a goo dbit, and then killed her with a hammer to a face!
-lightning didnt like that, destroyed the ground and we fell into the Mines of Kelsindra, ancient city of Kelsindra, lots of wealth and gems, over 2000 years ago, lost inteh curse of the undone lands
-explored the mines, and rested in a small room with a well
-saw a green light down the shaft of the well in teh room
-fought some ghosts, and when they “died”, the tunnels they were mining in collapsed
-traveled deeper into the mines
-go to natural chamber, where this HOLY SHIT EVIL MOTHA FUCKA AND HIS DEMON BUDDY!!!!!
-cleaved him in twane with my hammer! and stomped the bitch-demon
-came to a collapsed portion, and then a library. the souls there are preserving books, best not to disturb them…i did. got aged a bit, havea white streak in hair
-try to exit, cloaked figures stop me, and we fight, get my assed kicked some more
-tired as hell, i lay down and rest, and i dream…… of the city, its very prosperous, and tons of awesome shit, golden roads too
-wake up, and try to open door…wont fuckin open, but a ghost librarian gives me book….i make Karria read it, and she gains +2 charisma (i am more attracted to her)
-non-evil ghost gives me knowledge of ancient shit, but i cant access it
-tried to open door, and building collapses instead, awesome! im free! in ruins of massive city
-repaired 2 handed sword, +3 keen greatsword
-start to make camp at night, bad mofos come out of the shadows and throw bricks at me, i deflect them like a boss, channel energy is awesome
-the forgotten knowledge lets me know we cannot stop here, but must continue
-get thru the ruins, and came to stairs, guards and an undead lich! and defeated them, and got to the white tower

adventure 3

come upon a caravan. see new dwarf (Michael Guest character), kill mercenaries, get war pony
go see Nutbutter, get wasted drunk, and go to sleep in the inn.
go work in stables due to unfit condition to travel
{mike went and talked to mr. nutbutter, who wants to know what my quest was}
while working in the stables, BIG FUCKING GIANT CAME AND SMASHED!!!! beat the shit out of everything, but i killed it. it was assassin #5
left town, and rest. joined by new dwarf Orri(mike)
outside of town, attacked by dwarf on black charger, he got smashed like a bitch
made it to easthorn, killed some wolfs and got in ( i dragged in 2 of them)
go to meet with the mayor, Bitchsplitter (meeting with 3 elves)
go to the Witch’s Wail inn, try to sleep
waken by dwarf cleric, attacked by bard and angry ninja elf bitch, #6 and #7. killed em dead
have now killed #9, 8, 7, 6, 5
went to wall and looked out into the wild, the Undone Lands
only 2 people have come back, Stonecutter and High Cleric
got shit identified, got a new shield, got dwarf cleric girl to escort.
go into the undone lands, fight at the first camp
trippy-ass dream, got beat up, some white bright tower
woke up and went northwest like in dream, fuckin bear!
some dire wolves tracked us, ate me a lil bit
next dream, saw badass dwarf kill a massive dragon
fight massive black dynamite dire wolf, destroyed it, minion lvled, got better
cam upon castle in dream, saw witch-bitch falla, end!

adventure 2

went south, found evil tower, surrounded by cannibal bitches
elf ranger Guy hit me with pebbles, fuck that guy
went in tower, saved 3 kids
went to top of tower, killed evil dwarf, found mace named Lucy
went back down, 1 kid dead
went back to town and tried to rest, big scream woke me up
villagers were all crazy-eyed, i removed curse like a boss, chilled that werewolf village elder out dead
went down well following blood trail, fell like a bitch (whatever)
managed to swim to shore, went in creepy ass old-kingdom temple
fought dwarf vampire king, and queen: killed them in teh order
found guy, he’s a vamp, wtf? nearly killed him, he ran like elf coward he is
went down, found big mean guy. got beat up, healed up, beat up again. used all my powers, managed to slay the beast. went back to village, rested up, and continued to Easthorn

adventure one

was a lil’ paly, fought some witch bitch, mentor got zapped.
2 years later, a lil’ bit better, but need to improve. mentor’s sent a letter, wut?
go to bar, assassins be trippin’. kill them fast, lose axe.
go back after citadel attack, get arrested. wut?
find out im teh chosen one. old mentor olkar is behind citadel attack, killed high cleric. get fucking LOOT-SAUCE
ATE CREAM CHEESE, need to find witch bitch
set out for Eastwood…..i mean Easthorn.
fight asshole evil dwarf monk who gets his giggles by kicking me in the balls. kilt him dead
find cannibals, get ass kicked. kill them
find small farming village, get my ass kicked by raiding party
amulet starts bitching me out, HEALS me, fuck yeah
cut fuckers up, win the day
fortify village, head south to take care of trifflin’ bandits


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