Heart of Fire

WAR!!! Part 2
Survival? and what is next?

· Grimme saw the massive form coming closer to the Citadel, it looked like a castle that could walk

· Grimme knew that the main threat was the wiuzards creating these colossi, so he set out to find some and kill them

· He traveledf down to the south gate where he thought he would find more wizards, and instead found a shit ton of robots and soldiers fighting dwarves. He fought with his dwarven brethren and turned back the tide and told the warriors to return to the inner citadel and defend

· Grimme then flew up and saw the castle-colossus was close, so he decided to attack it

· This was not such a great idea. Inside were more evil wizrds, and they were completely protected. The massive construct knocked Grimme around, and some wizards fuck-turd blast Drimbador with a disentagration ray. Grimme fought on alone and tried to escape for a bit, but ended up just attacking the foot that was pummeling him. He broke through the foots wall, and then entered the thing

· He climbed up, and inseide was all fucked. He found a wizard, crushed him to paste. Fought an ice devil, smashed him good too. The he was inside eth things head, and he climbed a rope up to the top, and found the other wizard. That was a short fight, cause he depended on being invisible, and Grimme killed him. Lots of loot.

· The giant construct reformed into a castle, and just sat there. Seeing the threat being over, Grimme decided to go back into the fight and keep killing the enemy.

· A lot of the enemy had retreated to face a new threat:orcs.

· Grimme went to the central inner gate, and found Herald making his two quantium golems fight each other. Grimme communicated with allistair and then waited a bit, but decided to fight him anyway.

· Allistair brought B-man, and they all fought Herald

o H This was a big battle

o Grimme tried to get his attention, and Herald sent the giant constructs into the city to destroy

o Allistiar showed up and started doing elemental damage to the prismatic force field surrounding Herald to deactivate it

o B-man went into the ethereal plane and waited for the signal

o Allistair’s plan worked, and B-man came out and dispelled the sphere

o Grimme charged and beat the shit out of Herald, cursing him with heach hit

o Herald morphed into a big bad devil thing with a great big black axe, and disappeared in a bad black could of death magic, he also summoned a balor

o The balor and Grimme fought, and the balor’s badass sword broke over Grimme, then Grimme just beat it senseless to a smouldering puddle cause Grimme is a bad motha fucka’

o Herald was invisible and smacking Grimme with little effect, and then B-man purged the invisibility and Grimme whomped on him with smite and badassery, it didn’t take long for Herald (even in his new form) to go down

o As Hearld “died” a powerful black tornado formed and swept them all outside of the city

· Outside the city, B-man wondered if they had won, Grimme wasn’t sure

· From above them, the undead big momma solar dragon came down and was totally going to try to kill them, but it got sucked up by the biggest black dragon that Grimme had ever seen, and Summer was riding atop it

· The black tornado condensed and form a humanoid being of epic proportions, chopped the citadel in two, and he promptly fucked off through the clouds

· Grimme was kind to Summer, and asked the massive dragon how to kill Herald, and it replied “only a god can kill a god”, and then it fucking flew off with all the other dragons like a giant asshole

· Grimme was left with the remains of his city, the Citadel, in ruins

· Thousands were dead, and many were wounded. Grimme set about finding the leaders and trying to see to how to manage the destruction that remained. Grimme went and found Gilroy, who was mortally wounded, but Grimme healed him up good. Gilroy then went about helping as well.

· Grimme had a soldier approach, Barek son of Barek. He was heavily wounded and was missing an eye, but he reported that many thousands of dwarves were dead, but all of the humans were dead. When Grimme asked abotu Stormbrow, he was told that it was in fact Stormbrow that sacrificed himself for the life of the golem that came and defended the city. Grimme noted his bravery and noble sacrifice. Barek also reported that the orcs were looting, and Grimme decided to put a stop to that.

· Grimme found the leader of the orcs, Ugthar, and told him to only loot the human bodies and leave the city (in a nice way). Ugthar took the humans to eat and the orcs camped outside of the city.

· Grimme then was approached by Mr. Wizard, and he told Grimme he could help out and something, and started to cast a spell on Grimme, and Grimme and B-man just waited patiently. But as the spell was cast, Grimme saw Mr. Wizard’s face change, and he knew the face! Mammon stood before him, and finished his spell while calling Grimme stupid.

· Son of a bitch

Grimme gained a mythic tier for the defense of the Citadel, and B-man gained a mythic tier for shear survival.

Grimme also gained a level, is now in the prestige class Hammer of Torag

WAR!!! Part 1

Started off near the ground, saw the big dragon above, covered in smaller dragon
Flew up to meet Big Momma Dragon, her babies attacked me, grabbed Drumbador and stopped me
Got beat up a good bit, had to gtfo by dropping back down
Landed on the dragon that was grabbing Drumbador, it almost immediately got shot up by B-man and his special forces dwarf paladin squad
Jumped off last second and landed face first in front of B-man on inner city wall
B-man offered help in clearing the way of dragons so I could reach the Big Mamma
We got burned up a little, but then we were off. Grimme charged toward the massive beast on his trusty steed Drumbador, and took some solar breath on the way there
As soon as Grimme was within reach, he smite the dragon and dealth it 5 furious blows that killed it, and it plummeted to the earth landing on the city
Grimme then rode atop Drimbador and cheered long and loud for the defeat of the biggest dragon
Grimme then noticed that the giant colossus was reaching the inner wall, and could not be allowed to enter, else there would be even greater devastation
Grimme hopped into action, charging straight down and drinking his potions to heal up from the previous battle with the dragons
The gargantuan colossus was surrounded in a cloud of noxious smoke, and Grimme lost some of his magic help (due to an antimagic field)
Grimme stood atop the creature and pounded on it some until it hit him with its massive flail (about the size of a house), and it hurt real bad. Really, really, bad
Grimme very unsuccessfully tried to sunder it, and decided it was better just to kill the thing
He pounded on it some more, and then a fireball went off and healed the destructo-golem, Grimme then sent Drimbador off to fight dragons inside the walls
Grimme decided it was time to get big, so he activated the Righteous Might ability of his armor and got big, but as he grew to a larger size on this already unstable “platform”, he lost his balance and began to tumble off. He struck out with the first thing he had in hand: his hammer. The hammer perfectly struck the massive colossus and knocked it over onto some unfortunate riflemen. Grimme was thrown off and into the mist of mean, robots, and golems. He immediately vanquished a mithral golem, and then started to move back toward the massive colossus through the crowd of enemies.
At this time, another similar colossus arrived and began shooting the wall
Grimme was slowly getting outmatched, and put another mithral golem down after taking a nice hit from it.
As Grimme worked his way back to the original construct, 2 massive golems can up from behind in the form of massive dwarves, meaning that 2 souls had sacrified themselves so that the giant golems had the life to move
They ganged up on the newer contrucst and took care of it pretty quickly, then on to the next one, and then took care of all the soldiers around the area, kinda guarding the part of the wall that had fallen
Grimme knew that the massive machines were being summoned by the wizards of earlier, so he got on top of Drimador and flew out to the outerwall after seeing one heal the massive robiots via fireball
He got out there, and killed one quickly, then moved on to another one while Drimbador distracted another. Grimme ended up killing 4, and saw an enormous army coming into the Citadel walls with another massive golem. 2 dwarves (one was Barek son of Barek) came and told him that things were bad, and that Alistair had the dwarven battery tobecause the enemy was inside the castle, and was going through it. The south gate was falling, and shit was rough
He spun his hammer in his hand, and thought of the next idea

Preparing the Citadel...

-started off trying to do damage control over teh Citadel
-started a draft to gain an army, clerics mostly in charge of this
-started rebuilding walls
-mr. wizard apparently can make enormous amounts of fucking delicious chili from nothing. this takes care of teh food problem in teh city. although its a bit messy
-weapons and armor are started at teh forgeries
-the treasury is counted up, there is about 300,000gp total
-spent some on wall upgrades
-some on soldiers
-some on weapons and armor
-added more money from my own stash
-sent ranger/tracker off to get the previous accountant for the CItadel, one of the magistrate’s lackies
-got Stormbrow his arm back, gave him one of my weapons
-communed with Torag for information, didnt turn up much except Allistair is still alive
-walked around the city and gave rousing speeches to inspire people
-found a master carpenter to make ballistas and trebuchets for the coming war
-made sure there is no evil inside the mountain, and that there is no plaque or disease in the Citadel
-have heard nothing from teh drow (Mammon said that they all died)
-looked for evil after finding bodies drained of blood (that were in teh city and out, they killed the master carpenter)
-found tent with guy vampire elf hunter dude
-got in a fight, killed them all (except for main guy, Guy {whom i had met earlier and is now a vampire})
-killed high cleric corpse risen
-killed antipaladin douche and a bunch of sleeping vampires
-continued preparing for assault of Herald

-3 red robe master clerics (can cast regenrate, but not true ress.)
-two defender golems that require a life sacrifice to activate
-draft to build army was initiated, and it is going well
-admitted society of skilled gnomes and pissed them off by roughing up one of them up
-sun has been covered by heavy clouds and cover
-outer gates are fine, inner gate is made of pig iron, and will try to convert it to adamantine
-Mr. Wizard is making the 3 gates to the inner city adamantine, and stopped making the chili, but its in good stock
-desperately need high qualit metals to make weapons and armor
-ballistas and trebuchets are not coming along so well since master carpenter is dead
-clerics and healing, and burning of dead bodies, and vampires are chased out of town….
-Gilroy and B-man are heading back but had to fight a dragon first, he has 50 paladins with him, and 5000 soldiers too, 2000 citizens, GHilroys paladins cooked and ate the dragon
-in the city there are 100 clerics
-sent mark 12 on a mission to find vampires and he never came back
-ended with a treasury with 50K gold

Grimme returns to the Citadel

-Grimme started off by recovering from his fight with the #1 assassin, the one that looked like Death and nearly killed him. he found the wizard and young couple inside a death spell, but unaffected by it due to having his stone axe. Spellbreaker, and using its antimagic field to negate teh spell. they survived
-the rest of the village was looked at by teh party and found to be deserted, destroyed, and the people all dead.
-Grimme and Barthalamul went to digging a large grave, putting all teh bodies in the hole, and Grimme used his flame strike to burn them all and send them to their ancestors
-they all set up camp inside the old mayors house, and went to sleep. B-man however, planned to go back to the weird dream-state where he could fight the golem-like creature. intent to win this time, Grimme provided him with some enchantments that would help him in this fight, and let him fall asleep
-as with before, B-man awoke in the strange realm with the creature before him. B-man got the drop on the fight, and immediately prepared for the fight by using his judgements and greater bane against his target and preparing a shot
-the thing charged him, and the fight quickly turned into a mixture of elemental punches versus point blank shots
-with a final crack from his pistol, b-man shot off its head and it slumped to the ground, but immediately began to regenrate before his eyes. he unloaded his gun into the being again, but it still regenerated and began to move again. unafraid, b-man confronted the creature in front of him. it quickly determined that B-man had help, and flew off. ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap
-Grimme was busy tending to the dwarven couple and the small baby when he heard a large noise outside. he gave teh infant back, took up his axe, and set off outside to see what kinda trouble showed up. it was the thing from B-man’s dream-state. it started talking shit about how Grimme had “interfered” and “would be punished”, whatever. Grimme was gonna chop it up right good.
-Grimme ended up fighting them all, getting beat up a little bit and then winning. they healed back though, but seeing how badass Grimme was and how he was a force of Law, they saw fit to left. Grimme think they ran like cowards
-the main one gifted B-man with a powerful ability that permanently affected him (he gained the Judgement Bound Template)
-the small party set out the next morning to The Citadel and it was really an uneventful trip. it took abotu a week, and they arrived at the Citadel
-Grimme noticed it was dark, worn, and no one greeted him at the gate. Grimme knocked loudly on the massive entrance doors, and finally a lone guardsman came on top of the gate and told him to go away. Grimme immediately lost all patience, and air-walked up to the top of the gate and told the guard what-for, and to send for the top ranking guardsman to meet him and greet him, and that he woudl be waiting
-he send the young couple and their child to a familiar inn, the new wizard companion was sent on his own way as well
-Grimme went about to see who was in command of the Citadel now, and also to figure out what had happened to it. he ran into some very rude guards, and they turned him away. he didnt like that one bit, and he reeeaaalllly wanted to bash some heads in to get in, but he reminded himself he was a just and noble paladin, and not to kill these sad little guards. but a familiar voice found him. it was Heln, the female guard fromteh begining of his quest. she warned him that things were not the same, and to meet her tonight in the old inn where he had his first tussle
-he went down there and she was there, but with armed guards. grimme had a feeling shit was about to go down, and go down it did. turns out Heln was a vampire and she needed Grimme to die. she highly underestimated how powerful he had become though, and he defeated her and the other vampire guards she had brought as well.
-now Grimme was pissed. he was attacked by vampires in his own hometown! vampires in teh Citadel?!?!? he was gonna see undead heads roll for this.
-his next project was to find and destroy the head vampire. so he left the broken down tavern. as he was walking out, a stone hit him annoyingly in teh head. it was the elven-vampire ranger that hunts vampires, Guy Barstowe!!! he offered to help Grimme find the big head-hancho vamp. Grimme, being the noble and lawful good paladin, fuckign refused help from one vamp to kill another vamp. he also swore to guy that he would kill him after killing this big dude, and stormed off to the main castle in the citadel. Guy disappeared
-Grimme headed up to the Citadel now hella-pissed. he got up there and looked for this Magistrate, a political figure that showed up and started gaining control of the Citadel after Grimme left. he ended up going into the mountian to look for him and sure enough found some fucked up shit
-magistrate guy was there. big surprise, he’s a fucking vampire. a powerful one. battle ensues, and Grimme lays the smack down and woops some ass
-after the fight is over, Grimme realises that the ancient vampire crowns are missing from his pack. he sends the Mark 12 off to find them
-Grimme heads back to the citadel to find the Magistrate’s assisntant,Lord Commander Grimhart The Fair basically second command of the Citadel (although he should be leading in times of crisis). he found his Giant secretary barring the way, and he knocked him out to get in there. the old dwarf was sickly in bed, and told him to go away. Grimme refused, and demanded that justice be had. the leader of the Order of Torag told Grimme that if he disobeyed him, he would be expelled from teh Order. Grimme hesitated only a moment before telling the old fool to jog off, and the Grimme would see to the city. the old man then began to turn into a foul beast, large of muscle and power. Grimme had never seen a creature as this before. the old dwarf was obviously cursed, and in need of de-cursing (AXE TO THE FACE STYLE ENGAGED)
-so Grimme maaaaaaay have underestimated this chump. he pummeled Grimme for awhile, and then he pummeled him some more. not to be outdone, Grimme did some damage back. but the beast just seemed to keep coming at him. when Janus Stormbrow showed up to help, Grimme knew that the day was won, and there would be much drinking and laughter about this fight. that was untill the Beast that was Grimhart picked up Stormbrow and ripped his arm from his socket. Fuck.
-so Grimme battled some more, and evetually got grabbed by teh beast. it tore his arm off, and now Grimme could only use his axe and only go for the all out offensive. he airwalked out of reach of the Beast for awhile, but then decided it was better to die fighting this accursed thing then to stay away from it in cautious thinking. he charged with all of his might and power, and hit the Beast with a blow that would have felled a mountain. it was blasted back with such force that it flew throught the stone wall behind it and cascaded down through the air and landed with a statisfactory exploding splat on the stone beneath the tower.
-Grimme was in rough shape. he was beat to fuck, one of his arms was just laying bloody on the ground, and he was only alive because his fast healing was keepign his blood loss to a minimum. as he looked through the massive hole though down to the red smear that had become of the beast, he noticed that it was reforming! he jumped down and began to hack away at the thing, but it still was forming back….. Grimme was lost at a creature that his axe couldn’t kill. he wandered up to the room again and healed up Stormbrow so he wouldnt die. the creature reformed though, and climbed up the side of the tower at a maddening pace reaching Grimme quickly and back to full health.
-Grimme had it with this shit, and knew there was nothign left in his arsenal to defeat this thing. he felt a subtle feeling to use his horn, the Horn of Torag. upon using the artifact, the dark sky opened up heralding massive armed and armored winged angels.the angels then disentigrated the Beast, instantly regrew Grimme’s missing arm, and then took the Horn and left. oh yeah, they also bledded the living fuck out of Torag’s Hammer, and it permanently became a dwarven warhammer.
-Grimme then set out to rebuild and prepare the Citadel for the coming onslaught

all kinds of stuff...

-Grimme started off flying away from the weak, bitchy elves to go to the kingdom of teh dark elves to try to gain allies against teh coming army of Herald. he flew south to their kingdom.
-on teh way, he approached a large mountain with a small path running up the side. Grimme decided to investigate. the path lead to a small alcove with a statue of a beautiful elven woman (naked) and an old dwarven woman keeping the place tidy. she was batshit crazy and weird. the statue was of some elven princess that fell in love with a dark elf. this dark elf turned out to be #2, the assasin that tried to kill Grimme earlier in teh cold mountains. she woudl not be turned into flesh again untill he was teh greatest fighter ever. but Grimme killed him, and she was still a statue. grimme decided to investigate a mysteriously vanishing tower at teh top of teh mountain with tales of a being inside that could grant any wish (at a price)
-the tower appeared and Grimme went inside to some unknown shit. the basement was full of evils banshees in a pitch darkness. Grimme hates banshees, and he fought them but they just kept coming. he ended up finding their source, a black giant gem. he infused with with all of teh positive energy he could muster and banished all of teh creatures in one fell swoop. upstairs were some ice fairies (whatever). then there was a room of stone figures, that sprang to life when Grimme entered and tried to gain access to the final room. they attacked him, thinking he wanted the wish for himself. it was a tough fight, but Grimme killed all except the wizard (whose name was Mr. Wizard). Grimme then ascended the tower, alone. there was a djinn up there. he was an ass, Grimme killed him pretty quick. breaking a curse, the tower could not be material and real, and using the postively infused gem, Grimme coudl teleport to similar towers in teh world.
-down at teh alcove, Grimme saw teh statue come to life. she took teh spear Omen, and wandered off.

-back to the massive amount of people moving north, B-man and crew were escorting them as far north as possible. dragons attacked and kill alot of them. it was bad. B-man had weird dreams of fighting smoe big ass pally-justice-demon thing. he got his ass kicked. alot. was all, “whatevs brosef, i’m killing dragons”. when shit hit the fan, thats when Grimme showed up and wooped alot of dragon ass.
-together again, they made way with the survivors to Easthorn which was in ruins. inside, Grimem found Bitchsplitter was still there but a little crazy (he still had a few dwarves to protect, and they were locked away safe). a new witch had been attacking the town and raising all of teh dead to turn against. the fortified and prepared the town for the attack that night. all teh elves were slaughtered. Grimme killed the with and the crazed Bitchsplitter and the next day took teh dwarf survivors with him to the Citadel. on the way, he came upon the small town from his earlier travels, King’s well, and this massive cloaked figure ROCKED THE SOCKS OFF OF GRIMME and turned Drembador into a flaming beaver!!! but with his dwarven resolve and sheer dumb luck, Grimme managed to pull a W, and collapsed from teh battle.

Herald's Army, Tanalorn, and a massive golem-robot

-now escaped from the Barrier Mountains and traveling back to where he should go, Grimme felt better and kept moving on
-a flying shark appeared and gave B-man a ride (this was blue chief’s shark, Bloodfin)
-he saw 2 things far off in teh distance:a large dark mass and what appeared to be a settlement in a giant bubble
-he decided to investigate the dark mass first, turned out to be Herald’s army (bad move)
-got into a bit of a fight with Herald’s army, killed some dragons, Sharky bit one’s head, and it blew fire into his mouth killing him, B-man went down to the ground but was invisible.
-Grimme fought off like 50 dragons at once and won
-kinda ran away to now fight on the ground, ended up getting away just so he woudl live, wanted to see other buble-city
-b-man walked there
-Grimme let Drimbadorr run around, cause he couldnt enter teh city
-tons of refugees entering city
-he got in line with Barek, son of Barek: a dwarf that lived near the citadel
-Grimme needed to see the leader of teh city, some queen
-he warned her of the dangerous army, and noticed men were already there. they seemed like assholes
-he went back to the inn where Barek was and rested a bit
-B-man got to the city, and found Grimme
-Grimme had assassins attack him somehow, and he followed them after they killed Barek (who gave him a napkin to some platinum mine near the citadel)
-he was ambuhsed, and killed teh assassins
-went back up to teh royal courtroom just in time to see the prince kill the queen. a battle ensued, and a human wizard showed up and killed the prince, and Grimme killed him using antimagic field (using Spellbreaker weapon)
-then heralds army attacked, using massive golem
-Grimme tried to fight the golem, but he felt smaller and more worthless than a flea to this thing, he knew what he had to do…
-Grimme blew horn, got big, fought the golem in a badass fightand won
-tanalorn was lost though, and Grimme escaped with some survivors to travel to the Citadel for further protection

Grimme in the Barrier Mountians, and walking into the Maw of the Abyss

Grimme was out of the first level of Hell, and Barthalamul was with him as well. Propelled out by some sort of massive cannon, Grimme was shot into a freezing cold mountain range with wind and snow everywhere. He had no idea where he was, but B-man claimed they must be in the Barrier Mountains, far south of Terminus and past its reach. A decent place to get started. Grimme is tough as nails, so the cold barely bothered him at all, but B-man had issues with it. They decided to travel north, and to eventually get to Terminus to confront and stop Herald.
Grimme is a tough sort of dwarf, and wasn’t much affected by this cold climate, but B-man was not looking so great. A dark figure appeared shortly after the snowy traveling began, and beckoned Grimme and his party to join him, for he had been waiting for them here. Grimme thought this was odd at first, but B-man was freezing to death, so they needed to get shelter. After a short traveling period, they arrived at a small but warmer cave that had a fire and supplies. The dark armored figure then told Grimme he was an assassin, number 2, and had been charged to kill him. He then proceeded to tell Grimme why, but Grimme didn’t want to hear any of that shit and decided to charge (yes, this wasn’t a smart idea). Grimme had enough of assassins, and wanted this one dead quickly, but he got over his head fast. Turns out this guy was pretty good, and he kinda killed Grimme. Grimme awoke sometime later groggy and torn up, and the man with the spear was patiently waiting on the other side of the cave. He wanted to fight Grimme at his absolute best, and face him and defeat him for personal as well as professional reasons. So Grimme healed up, cast some protective and offensive spells, and then saw his opponent was wounded from their last battle. He laid his hands on him, and healed him some, even though this guy wanted him dead, he had honor, and Grimme could respect honor. The next battle was even fiercer than the first. The combatants slammed into each other with massive force, dealing grievous blow after blow; but in the end, Grimme stood victorious and smote the man. After the fight was over, Grimme looked over his corpse to see if anything was worth taking: the spear was magnificent like Grimme had only seen in one other weapon so he took it (Omen), the warrior also had a bracelet on with some inscription. He left the armor on the man (an dark elf it turned out), and buried him in the small cave. Grimme also left his hammer, The Grimme Reaper, for the man so he would still have a weapon in the afterlife.
They traveled for awhile, and were attacked by strange creatures twice, but they were easily managed. After a time, the Mark-12 reported they was some sort of cave that was warm in the distance. Grimme and B-man were quite chilled, so they decided to investigate. In the large cave, there was an eccentric dwarf. His name was Wik, and he was kinda crazy. He warmed Grimme, and told him he needed to travel deep into the cave and face whatever was down there. Grimme, wanting to trust this dwarf because #1 He was a dwarf and #2 Grimme had seen this dwarf in a vision months before hand. Grimme told B-man to stand guard at the entrance of the cave and warm up, and Grimme traveled deeper into the cave to investigate.
Grimme came to a hole in the ground, and heat was wafting up from the hole. He decided the best thing to do would be to jump down and investigate. How deep could it be? Turns out it was pretty deep, and Grimme was almost turned into paste when he hit the bottom. Luckily for Grimme, his fast healing allowed him to recover in a decent amount of time. When he was able and ready, he observed his surroundings and saw that he was in a vast cave, and he seemed to be on the only place that wasn’t covered in lava. While he was down there, he felt a presence, a massive and deadly presence. Determined to see what it was, Grimme yelled out a challenge to the being, knowing that he was here to face it. Once the challenge was issued, a rumbling began and turned into violent shaking that turned into a massive creature erupted from the lava in front of him: Drimnbadôrr, Scourge of the Dwarves. The enormous creature, half lava and half earthen might was all rage when its fiery gaze fell on Grimme. The battle immediately took place, with no quarrel asked or given. Grimme knew the stacks, and he knew he had to win. The beating he received was intense, nearly killing him truly, but he remained stalwart and ferocious. Drimnbadôrr was finally vanquished with a mighty blow from the dwarven paladin, and it sank back into the lava from whence it came. Slowly recovering from his beating, Grimme noticed that something else was coming up form the lava as well! Determined to meet this new foe, and most likely his death, with dignity Grimme readied himself for battle. Instead of the massive form of Drimnbadôrr though, a smaller (but still bigger than Grimme) form appeared. In texture it resembled Drimnbadôrr, but it now had four legs and a long tail, somewhat resembling a lion or tiger but much thicker and on fire. However, its demeanor was also much different, more akin to a happy stupid dog. It lapped at Grimme’s face and was friendly. Grimme felt in his soul that this “dog” was in fact Drimnbadôrr reformed, and was his new companion for some reason only the gods knew. He hopped up on the creature, and traveled back up the hole he fell down.
During the time down the hole while Grimme fought the massive beast, stone giants decided to attack B-man and the dwarven crazy, Wiik. Wiik immediately turned tail and ran. B-men dealth with the giants via his gun. When the fight was over, Grimme appeared with his new companion Drimnbadôrr. B-man was at first worried, but then he realized that the creature on fire would keep them warm in the freezing mountains.
The heroes continued traveling north to get back to the land of Terminus and the humans. Grimme had a vision while he was resting one night, and decided to go forward faster alone and ride Drimnbadôrr the way. B-man could ride him as well, but only with the help of a spell protecting him from the intense heat. After a short time, they made it to the human lands and plains, finding abandoned houses and villages along the way.

Grimme's Walk through Hell

-Grimme knew he was in deep shit (AKA HELLSAUCE) and needed to get out. wasnt afriad, just didnt want to be in hell. B-man said it wasnt a big deal, everyone here was cool as fuck. went down, starting asking around about Torag’s Hammer, and sent out Mrk. 12 to find it as well.
-went down, people were dull and useless. apparently pay for things with pieces of your soul. turn you in dull thing, then you go down more into Hell. Grimme found sword merchant, he was worthless, went into place with 100s of copies of the Hammer. demanded to speak to boss. instead, found asshoel from long ago bearing a grudge
-no worries, killed them all, sent that asshole further into hell, good riddance
-go to brothel for info. find fat bitch. little slimy brat gave me blue coin before, show her blue coin, bitch freaks out and tells me to leave
- #whatabitch
-find dude, says he is mammon, archduke of Avernus, and he has torag’s hammer, and he will give it to Grimme if he entertains him. Grimme reluctantly pseudo-agrees and counters with terms that B-man and M12 also leave with him. a bargain is had, and Grimme starts fighting
-in plains area with big rocks, orc chieftains come out and start hitting Grimme with Tth Amon
-kill them all, next scene bitches
-basically i fight all of the big characters i have fought in teh past(olkar stonecutter, fala, rhuark, etc.). mammon told them if they killed me they would get some reward. and i whooped them. the assassins were all together and quite hard, but i managed to kill all of them too.
-then, the final fight was in some arena. and there, standing across from Grimme was Karia with a still gaping wound in her chest from where Torag’s Hammer pierced her breast
-Grimme was tore up, he wasnt expecting Karia to be here. he refused to fight her, but she attacked viciously. Grimme knew something was not right, and proceeded to beat her body hoping that she would go down quietly. she attacked Grimme with a ferocity that he did not expect, but Grimme eventually won, and he body crumpled down, bloody and beaten again. Grimme, overcome with emotion, dropped to teh ground and cradled her body as black hands came to drag her down to teh next level of hell. Grimme would not allow that to happen, and held on to her tightly. the hands relinquished, and Grimme continued to hold on as a black spirit exited her corpse and manifested into a dark specter in front of him.
-Infuriated, Grimme rushed headlong into battle, disregarding the powerful blows he received and bashed the evil creature all over the arena. finally killing it in a massive blow.
-during these fights, B-man died several times. but due to the contract with mammon, he was alive at the end of it
-Grimme was transported to a garden in hell, and there was the real Torag’s Hammer and a golden ticket out of hell. Grimme demanded the archduke’s presence telling him that in due time, he would kill him for what he did to Karia. Mammon only laughed
-as they were walking out of Hell, a fat ugly cleric came out of the exit and began picking a fight with Grimme and crew. he reduced B-man to a small ball, instantly killing him and Grimme finished him off. B-man was back to life, and they went to the exit and got blasted out of hell in a massive cannon
-landed in a lake and rested. went to town and got horses to Terminus. Army was already gone, so went off in persuit. fought some punk wolves, made it to marshes. fucking cyborg-bear was there, massive muthafucka. killed him, went back to terminus. tried to find noble who could teleport us to army. he said he would for vampire crowns. agreed, but he fucked up the portal, and became one of teh vampires. got the shit kicked out of us, but we won, and hoped in teh portal
-jumped out into a fucking blizzard. no army in site. we are fucked.

more of Terminus, meetin' Herald, and then.....what is this place.....

-we pick up right after teh battle with the mithral gomlem and the fall of Barthalamul and the appearance of Tth Kamul the black dragon
-Grimme sensed some evil within the building within some crates, and investigated. he found a tall hourglass and tried to destroy it, but cracked his hammer instead
-he investigated another box, and found some tailsmans, some kinda torch thing, about 20 large magical stones(ioun stones), and a massive spike
-Grimme ignored the tailsmans, and gave the torch to Summer and kept the great spike for himself
-he found another crate full of dwarf skulls. saying this made Grimme angry is an huge understatement
-while he was sorting through the crates of stuff, he started hearing wailing noises and sirens. sounded like loud horns to him, but he paid them little heed
-the sirens were very loud now, and then some punk-bitch robots dropped through the roof, bent on destroying the adventurers
-grimme wasn’t having any of this nonsense, and immediately set to the destruction of teh robots spurred by his angry of seeing skulls of his brethren
-a cloud of metallic insects entered the main room and set abotu attacking Summer
-Grimme and Drago took care of all of teh robots that dropped in from teh ceiling and destryoed most of teh cloud of bugs damaging Summer. but Summer was badly wounded and barely survived the encounter
-Grimme managed to escape himself and hide while Drago grabbed Summer and disappeared like a ninja in teh shadows
-Grimme then hid for a couple of hours, and returned to his crappy little room in his crappy little inn
-he immediately found Summer resting, and he checked her vitals and went to sleep himself
-after resting, he awoke and tended to Summer’s wounds, and found several metallic bugs still buried in her skin. as he pulled them out, they began to multiply and divide into greater numbers
-he quickly ran to the kitchen in teh inn and stole a small jar to gather them all in. he did and watched them multiply in teh jar until teh jar was full, but the jar didnt burst, so he carefully pocketed it
-Grimme spent the next couple of days watching over Summer, recovering himself and thinking. once Summer was recovered and up and moving, Grimme told her that she had to go home, and he could not guarantee her safety anymore (he secretly thought of Karia and how he let her die and how he could not live with that happening again).
-before she left, Summer identified all of teh things he found: ioun stones, beacon of true faith, and a maleficus spike
-once Summer was gone, Grimme knew what he must do. He paid up the innkeeper (a solid chunk of gold worth about 1200gp) and wandered into the streets of Terminus fully armed and armored.
-Grimme marched over to a building he scoped out earlier and went to find Herald. some guards laughed at him, because they were punk bitches, and then he went inside for a tour.
-Grimme skipped this crappy tour, and went to find someone who could direct him to Herald. he found aristocrat looking douche, and demanding to be taken to Herald. he said something about it taking a couple of months, but Grimme wasnt having that shit. not today. he punched the guy in teh nuts and demanded to see him today. the fool went unconscious instead.
-Grimme then looked outside across teh bay to the massive fortress isolated in the sea, knowing it was Herald’s (in his gut) and watched small boats leaving and taking port at some docks a couple of miles away. Grimme now had a destination.
-upon reaching the crowded docks, Grimme decided to try to find a ship that would take him to this fortress island. nobody seemed to know how to help him, so he looked for a person that would be able, someone in charge of teh docks. a tall fat man with a book shouting orders would suffice, so Grimme tried to get his attention, after some failed attempts and growing impatient, Grimme decided pain would get the lout’s attention. he made alot of noise, told Grimme nothing important, and called some guards over. Grimme didnt like these guards and their guns, so he put the human between him and teh guns and waited. unexpectedly, they shot teh man and then shot Grimme. these humans were evil indeed.
-he made quick work of them on the docks, but by the time he was done with them, a group of robots were coming down the docks toward him. they surrounded him, and larger robots began to come near. they told him to surrender, but Grimme would have welcomed death over surrendering to evil robots (that sounds weird)
-the robots opened fire with their lasers. Grimme hunkered down behind his sheild and braced himself for the pain. his shield absorbed an enormous amount of punishment, and Grimme’s tattoos protected him from the rest.
-the smoke lceared and Grimme stood unscathed from teh lasers. “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?!” Grimme challenged to them as they began to close in around him and Grimme prepared himself for one hell of a fight.
-but Grimme was robbed of his fight as the robots all halted mid stride and a small figure flew toward him. it was a skull with metall all over it, and it spoke to Grimme, telling him if he wanted to meet Herald, Grimme must go with the weird floating skull. Grimme, happy to finally have a lead on Herald, gladly accepted and the little skull probed him and they transported to a well-lite room of black stone. Grimme tried to escape, and then catch the skull, but it evaded him and told him teh walls were 5 miles thick. so Grimme patiently waited…. for 12 hours
-at the 12 hour point, the floating skull thing whirled into action, extending its probe again and teleporting Grimme and itself to a somewhat circular room with four colmns, a central portal looking thing, and a whole bunch of dudes with high powered pistols
-fuck, why does this ALWAYS happen to me????
-the welcoming party immediately began shooting Grimme, and he burst into action, killing severeal of them within the first 30 seconds of battle, but taking a beating in the meantime
-he was finally just against 2-3 of them, and he managed to finaggle his way to victory. Grimme time and time again is put in these situations where he comes nearly to death, but emerges. He has no idea how this works, but it does, so he pressed on and went into the portal carrying the mage of the ‘welcoming party’. it did not go well for the body, because the portal cut it in half, and he ended up leaving the body
-the portal took him to a chamber with hallways, which lead to bigger and bigger hallways. all the way he went, he was healing up and noticed that each large antechamber had larege statues of Herald (in the nude) and Grimme disapproved.
-after awhile of these halls, Grimme came upon a massive set of doors with a slight staircase leading up to them, but that was not the object of his focus in this hallway, it was the massive robot that stood in teh way, and had missiles all over him. as soon as Grimme stepped forward, the automation declared to that get to Herald Grimme had to first defeat it. Grimme obliged glady. running toward the beast and getting hit with missiles along the way, he finally reched the metallic monster and methodically began slamming into it with his weapons. it went down after awhile, but not before hitting the holy hell out of Grimme.
-He entered the room (bringing one of the missiles with him) and the room appeared to be some sort of opera theater, complete with above seats and an orchestra. and there on the stage was Herald himself. but it was obvious he wasnt human, he was a good 9-10ft tall, and had an unearthly evil presence about him. he was also casually playing with the object of the entire quest: Torag’s Hammer! dialogue was exchanged, but Grimme knew in his soul that this….creature_…was responsible for horrible things in this world, and the vileness in teh city. it must be destroyed, at all costs. the beast seemed joyful, jolly in fact that Grimme was present, and set an orchestra about playing, showing Grimme its hostage: Summer (barely alive at that, and pinned to a massive board). and the battle began. Grimme used all of his abilities right off the bat, and knew he stood a better chance untill the fiend cast a spell that dispelled all of his helpful enchantments! so Grimme set to his grisly work without them.
-Herald set Drago against Grimme in teh beginning to soften it up. unfortunately for Drago, Grimme was in no mood for tricks and Drago was dispatched of quickly to reach his target (but Grimme felt bad that).
-then the real fight began, trading blows with extreme power and brute skill aginst skill. after both took a substantial beating, Herald jumped back and revealed his TRUE FORM!!!! kinda like Frieza, but more gay if you can believe it.
-Herald was in fact a fiend, and evil outsider from the pits of hell. Grimme knew he must be killed now! the battle resumed, but now Herald had 6 arms, and that was troublesome as it took its toll on Grimme’s body. soon it was all Grimme could do just to stay alive. then Herald turned very invisible, not allowing Grimme to get a good fix on his location.
-Grimme was taking punishment and bad. he was not afraid of death, but he did not want to be so close to completeing his quest and failing. he fought hard in teh last moments, and even tried to have summer help, but she was far too wounded. Grimme was desperatre, and slammed his Malefius Spike into the ground with fantastic results. Herald hated this item, and immediately had fear in his eyes, it appeared that Grimme woudl be victorious! but Herald ripped teh spike from teh ground, ending the spell and plunging Grimme back into the losing field of teh fight. the Herald threw the spike into a bomb, and teh room exploded dealing lethal damage to Grimme. as Grimme lay there slowly dying, Herald left telling someone to take Grimme away. and he faded out of consciousnes…..
-Grimme awoke in a white room, with glass as one wall for observation. he only waited for a bit, for the flosting skull returned along with another figure…..Barthalamul carrying Grimme’s Reaper!!!
-B-man wanted to help Grimme, because after death, his mind opened or some crap. whatever, Grimme was gonna hit him. B-manm dropped teh glass shield, and Grimme pounced on him and took his hammer. B-man didnt resist, and grimme took that as a good sign. armed only with his respectable penis and his massive warhammer, Grimme set out in teh prison
-found dead bodies, some big demon, and released a men little girl (she got owned later by chain demons)
-fought this big creature later with all of Grimmes stuff, and he got all of it back.
-B-man told Grimme that Summer had escaped (with his help) and went to seek out the mad dwarf, and he also informed Grimme where they were:the first level of the hell known as Avernus the Never-ending City


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