Heart of Fire

adventure 5

-wake up to big ass white tower
-found a hidden door, and felt static energy when we went inside
-find blue stone, looks like marble
-found a room for of smithing tools and chest, oh wait, one of the chest fuggin’ attacked me!!!
-went across the hall into an awesome armory, but dwarves, who were alive, came and attacked us whenever we tried to identify weapons. remember the weapons and loot
-figured out to walk on walls in teh main tower
-walked for a long time, and fought a gravity elemental and time elemental (fuckers, almost died)
-finally got to a small hole, and saw the sword of torag and ppl argusing over it
-tried talking to some chump, now ancient knowledge is “closer”
-continue up the tower by walking on walls for another week or so
-next platform got some shit chumps on it. fuckin’ battle happening. naturally, i joined in cause the old guy had an amulet that looked like mine
-he opened up a portal to the heart of fire, a torag temple in teh south lost int eh war of man, adn went away
-on the next platform, i see the ruins of the city, and lots of armies fighting
-saw dwarf give orc nice magic armor, and faded out
-continued, and fought some pussy ghosts, we think we are back in present time, and felt a presence



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