Heart of Fire

Grimme's Walk through Hell

-Grimme knew he was in deep shit (AKA HELLSAUCE) and needed to get out. wasnt afriad, just didnt want to be in hell. B-man said it wasnt a big deal, everyone here was cool as fuck. went down, starting asking around about Torag’s Hammer, and sent out Mrk. 12 to find it as well.
-went down, people were dull and useless. apparently pay for things with pieces of your soul. turn you in dull thing, then you go down more into Hell. Grimme found sword merchant, he was worthless, went into place with 100s of copies of the Hammer. demanded to speak to boss. instead, found asshoel from long ago bearing a grudge
-no worries, killed them all, sent that asshole further into hell, good riddance
-go to brothel for info. find fat bitch. little slimy brat gave me blue coin before, show her blue coin, bitch freaks out and tells me to leave
- #whatabitch
-find dude, says he is mammon, archduke of Avernus, and he has torag’s hammer, and he will give it to Grimme if he entertains him. Grimme reluctantly pseudo-agrees and counters with terms that B-man and M12 also leave with him. a bargain is had, and Grimme starts fighting
-in plains area with big rocks, orc chieftains come out and start hitting Grimme with Tth Amon
-kill them all, next scene bitches
-basically i fight all of the big characters i have fought in teh past(olkar stonecutter, fala, rhuark, etc.). mammon told them if they killed me they would get some reward. and i whooped them. the assassins were all together and quite hard, but i managed to kill all of them too.
-then, the final fight was in some arena. and there, standing across from Grimme was Karia with a still gaping wound in her chest from where Torag’s Hammer pierced her breast
-Grimme was tore up, he wasnt expecting Karia to be here. he refused to fight her, but she attacked viciously. Grimme knew something was not right, and proceeded to beat her body hoping that she would go down quietly. she attacked Grimme with a ferocity that he did not expect, but Grimme eventually won, and he body crumpled down, bloody and beaten again. Grimme, overcome with emotion, dropped to teh ground and cradled her body as black hands came to drag her down to teh next level of hell. Grimme would not allow that to happen, and held on to her tightly. the hands relinquished, and Grimme continued to hold on as a black spirit exited her corpse and manifested into a dark specter in front of him.
-Infuriated, Grimme rushed headlong into battle, disregarding the powerful blows he received and bashed the evil creature all over the arena. finally killing it in a massive blow.
-during these fights, B-man died several times. but due to the contract with mammon, he was alive at the end of it
-Grimme was transported to a garden in hell, and there was the real Torag’s Hammer and a golden ticket out of hell. Grimme demanded the archduke’s presence telling him that in due time, he would kill him for what he did to Karia. Mammon only laughed
-as they were walking out of Hell, a fat ugly cleric came out of the exit and began picking a fight with Grimme and crew. he reduced B-man to a small ball, instantly killing him and Grimme finished him off. B-man was back to life, and they went to the exit and got blasted out of hell in a massive cannon
-landed in a lake and rested. went to town and got horses to Terminus. Army was already gone, so went off in persuit. fought some punk wolves, made it to marshes. fucking cyborg-bear was there, massive muthafucka. killed him, went back to terminus. tried to find noble who could teleport us to army. he said he would for vampire crowns. agreed, but he fucked up the portal, and became one of teh vampires. got the shit kicked out of us, but we won, and hoped in teh portal
-jumped out into a fucking blizzard. no army in site. we are fucked.



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